Building muscle and looking good and young may be sound good but in reality it is a result of a dedicated and disciplined lifestyle which ironically isn’t a cup of everyone.

If you don’t believe the above-mentioned fact, just ask any bodybuilder or a cross fitter how much did they invest in his or her body maintaining an insane daily routine. In the middle of all these dedicated routines and savage lifestyle, there come the most important aspects of a healthy living which is Health Supplements which ranges from protein, glutamine, BCAA, Amino Acid, Pre and Post Workouts, etc.

There is an influx of such supplements in the Indian market following fitness and wellness cult flourishing in the country. Amid such huge demand, in order to make some quick money, many have started supplying fake health supplement consequently subsequently raising an ambience of doubts amongst a lot.

At the contemporary time, fitness enthusiasts and budding bodybuilders are quite confused while putting a hand on any health supplement product, the reason is apparent the market has been saturated with adulterated products which are nasty things to practice.

In this article we have tried to enlist a few steps over how to check the fake products physically at the time of buying the products:

Logo Verification:

As only genuine disturbers are licensed to sell an imported supplement product as they don’t let any loose end to handle their brand image. It is suggested to skip any middle man while buying a health supplement product, as they might in the wake of earning his cut, will get you something adulterated from the market. In India, there are a few distributors who are legit to sell health supplement with a valid license certificate. License certificate is a sticker flashing on the supplement product which carries details of the products like date of manufacture, import date, and rate, etc.

Check the Seal: Seals are meant to keep products airtight as well as works as authenticity of a genuine product. If the health supplement that you have bought carries no seal on it, then it might be fake. Check the inner side of the lid, usually, it carries brand name endorsed on it, if you can’t anything like that, then again you have invested a bad into a bad deal. Always keep a check on the smoothness and high-quality seal of the product.

Miscibility:  In order to test Miscibility of the health supplement, pour a scoop of powder  to some water at normal temperature. Now, shake the blend in a shaker, if you get any lumps floating on the drink then apparently the product is fake.

Taste tells all:  Go through several reviews and testimonials written on bodybuilding forums online before you buy a health supplement. After reading thoroughly on the internet, match your bought product’s taste with that of described there in the reviews written by genuine product users.  If the taste does not meet with as described by the expert, it might be a fake one.

The Barcode/QR code test:  The last but much crucial one is to check the bar code and QR code of the health supplement product. The bar code and QR code are designed to deliver every detail of the product by connecting users to the product description following a specified URL. Download QR Code scanner on your smartphone and get all details of the product.

Now after reading this, there shouldn’t be any confusion while buying whatever health supplement you are planning to stock in. Best wishes for a healthy and sound bodybuilding.


The information contained in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended as a health advice. We would ask you to consult a qualified professional or medical expert to gain additional knowledge before you choose to consume any product or perform any exercise.


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