Zareen Siddique, a certified online nutrition and core fitness coach and an ardent runner shares her insights regarding today’s contemporary food groups.

In the coverage, Zareen Siddique also talks about how to maintain a regular daily nutrition value when you are working hard in your sedentary life.

Zareen Siddique holds a Reebok Group Fitness Certification, Master Functional Training Certification and a Diploma in Dietetics and Nutrition in her line of credentials and achievements. In this conversation, she highlights how to choose your fitness training courses depending on what you mean to achieve out of it.

She personally customizes fitness plans for her selected clientele after keenly scanning their daily sedentary lifestyle and diet intake.  After that she comes up with a deliberate diet plan for them well supplemented by their core body strengthening, seasoning session at her studio.

Zareen Siddique

Knowing more about this nutritionist cum fitness coach and a single mother of two kids, Kumar Abhinav, Sub-editor of Sportz Business talks to Zareen Siddidue in an exclusive interview.

  • How functional training is different from traditional lifting weights?

In functional training your several muscle groups work simultaneously delivering a full body regime taking lesser time than a traditional strength training session. The moves require stabilizing and activating your core, which is necessary across all sports. Dynamic moves combine agility, balance and jumping. Moves may include lifting, pushing, pulling, bending, twisting, turning, standing, starting, stopping, climbing or lunging. You exercise on several planes instead of a single plane.

You can train with equipment such as kettle bells, cable columns, resistance bands or dumbbells or without. You can workout at home. Traditional strength training works isolated muscle groups and does not mimic real life sport or daily movements

  • It seems your suggested diet chart majorly concentrates for vegan so what do you suggest for those who are not vegans?

Well, I don’t design any diet plan for any vegan per se, my personal philosophy is basically managing your calories with food derived from all food groups. Calories comes from all food, so I don’t remove any food group or any particular veg or non-veg carbs, protein etc. It’s a well-balanced healthy meal plan that I design.

  • Seeing the contemporary sedentary lifestyle of people, where hardly they can manage time to maintain a consistent nutritious diet, what do you suggest to them in order to meet their daily nutrients requirements?

If we are eating all food groups then our nutrition requirements are obviously being met nicely. So the basic rule of having 2-3 servings of fruits and vegetable every day and 8 to 10 glasses of water. Talking about the protein which should be present in every meal in optimum quantity, it is suggested protein should be taken around 0.8 to 1 gram/Kilogram of body weight.

So when we are adding fat that is visible like oil, butter, and cheese to cook food and make it more palatable, that fat has to be kept to minimum quantity. Good fat which we need like Omega3 is derived from dry fruits and all kind of nuts seeds that are more desirable. Plus if the doctor advices are taken and a good dose of supplement in terms of multi-vitamin is included in our diet then, I think we are doing a great job in maintaining a good supply of nutrition.

  • What do you suggest for those aspirants who want to pursue nutrition and fitness coaching as a full time profession?

There are many good reputed institutes in India and outside offering courses. It is always advisable to educate yourself in the field that you want to work in and of course at the end of the day it’s your work and your talents which combines you for a ride to long-term financial, commercial journey.  If you are looking for that angle then yes, I think its hard work, talent and consistency that act as a coach and pays off in the long-term. I think courses are quite worthwhile to invest in the institutes which are accredited by the national and international agencies and have recognized certification.

  • How do you organize, plan and priorities your work being a fitness consultant and a mother of two kids?

Yes, I am a single mother of two and kids are the major responsibilities especially when I have a twelve standard boards appearing daughter and have a son who is seven, so yes they demand a lot out of me in terms of physical attention and physical presence. For my work schedule, my work is majorly online with my clients, I train very specific select few clients in personal training at my studio. I keep it to a very premium select group that I train every month hands on.

My Major work is done online, I strictly segregate four or five hours a day for online work and do not mix my work time with any other activity. This way I am able to manage my work and responsibilities for my kids.


The information contained in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended as a health advice. We would ask you to consult a qualified professional or medical expert to gain additional knowledge before you choose to consume any product or perform any exercise.


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