WW International Inc., or simply known as WW, a NASDAQ listed global wellness Company,  had announced its collaboration with Amazon, in order to launch Amazon Halo, a health and wellness band that uses technology for providing various insights on personal wellness. Through this partnership, WW has been able to place itself as a brand that would lead from the front when it comes to tech innovation and also emphasizes the commitment shared by both the companies to assist members in developing habits that can help them lead healthy lives.

Mindy Grossman, President and CEO of WW stated that the Company was thrilled that they had been able to expand their relationship with Amazon, as well as being able to offer their wellness insights that are backed by science to a much wider audience with the help of the forward-looking technology of Amazon Halo.

The collaboration of WW with Amazon would help to provide consumers with the latest in personal health and wellness technology. In this way, both companies would be able to demonstrate their shared commitment in offering cutting edge tools that are backed by science to consumers. In addition to whatever that already exists within WW’s tech-enabled ecosystem, Amazon Halo would provide the Body Feature, in which the members would be able to obtain a highly accurate measurement of their body composition at the convenience of their homes.

Amazon Halo members would be able to have access to Fitness Labs, apart from the Body feature. Additionally, they would also have one-to-four week challenges inside the Amazon Halo app. This would help members to find out healthy habits which would work the best for them. There is the presence of both audio and video content in Labs comprising of various wellness pillars such as activity, nutrition, sleep and many others. At the time of launch, at least a dozen labs provided by WW can be used by members. In this way, it will be able to bring Amazon Halo members WW’s behavioral science-backed recommendations.

Melissa Cha, Vice President of Amazon Halo stated that the Company is delighted to offer the members of Amazon Halo with the labs from the behavior change experts at WW, including providing the opportunity to the members of WW to use their Amazon Halo to earn FitPoints.

Moreover, with the collaboration of WW and Amazon Halo, the option is provided to members to link their Amazon Halo and WW accounts for sharing activity data from Halo. This would be later converted by WW into FitPoints.

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