There is always a reason for us to skip exercises which are actually supposed to be an essential part of our daily routine. Sometimes, we may face some difficulties in not being able to move out of our homes for various reasons that may include facing a packed schedule or any other reason that could prevent us from carrying on with our daily routine exercises. In the cases of those individuals who have been performing workouts on a daily basis, it becomes all the more difficult for them, with daily workout being a part of their lifestyle.

When situations are not conducive for travelling or when individuals are stuck at home, performing home exercises can be an ideal option. In this way, they can continue with their regular routine habits while also keeping fit as well.

Some of the exercises that can be performed from home are as follows:

  1. Climbing The Stairs:

Climbing Stairs
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This unique home exercise helps in improving the cardiovascular fitness of individuals. This is considered to be highly beneficial exercise that has the capability of burning higher number of calories per minute than jogging. The heart rate of an individual raises with the climbing of stairs that can aid in protecting oneself from health conditions such as high blood pressure, including clogged arteries. This exercise can also prevent any weight gain in an individual. As and when individuals perform this activity, their calves and thighs are toned. Besides, their butt muscles and legs develop enough strength in the process. Performing about 3 to 4 sets of 30 steps would be sufficient to keep an individual going for the day.

  1. Plank:

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This is a superb abdominal home exercise that benefits the core strength of an individual’s body. This exercise is one of the best ways for an individual to lose huge number of calories. By performing plank exercise, the fat present in the abdomen area of the body can be burnt. Individuals can start off by getting into a push-up position at the beginning. Subsequently, an individual has to hold onto their current position with their arms extended instead of bending their arms and going down. One can start off by holding onto the position for at least 30 to 40 seconds and subsequently increase their time.

Individuals must be able to develop a lot of resilience and balance at the time of performing exercises such as a plank. If individuals are able to stay in the plank position for a longer period, it can be greatly beneficial for them, especially in their efforts to reduce body weight.

  1. Push-ups:

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These are commonly known home exercises that provide several benefits for an individual’s body when performed on a daily basis. These exercises can be highly effective for an individual in building strength. They can also be performed from literally anywhere. There is no necessity for equipment to be used. Individuals are most likely to notice that they have gained upper body strength, by continuously performing pushups on a daily basis. There are several variations of push-ups that an individual can perform such as traditional push-up, superman push-up, diamond push-up and many more. By performing these exercises twice a day, individuals stand to gain huge benefits.

  1. Sit-ups:

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Sit-ups is a simple home exercise that works the abdominal muscles of an individual. This exercise helps to build an individual’s muscles. Normally, a higher number of calories is used by muscles than fat in a day. Since these exercises focus on helping build muscles, the chances of burning a huge number of calories in individuals are higher. Individuals have to lie down with their knees bent by keeping their feet in a flat position and the hands behind their heads. Now they must steadily roll up to their knees. It would be best for the individuals to not put any pressure on their necks using their hands while performing sit-ups.

There are quite a lot of exercises that can be tried at home apart from those that have been mentioned here. However, it is important to remember that daily exercises followed by a strict diet are required to be followed compulsorily in order for an individual to stay in shape.

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The information contained in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended as a health advice. We would ask you to consult a qualified professional or medical expert to gain additional knowledge before you choose to consume any product or perform any exercise.


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