None other than the tires sturdiness and grip is what keeps the giant trucks rolling miles irrespective of terrains. The essentiality of tires just doesn’t frames the foundation of vehicles but it happens to be quite handy in rolling your workout session and hitting your fitness goals.  You must have seen in the contest of World Strongest Man Competition large people like Martins Licis (the current Strongman) and former champion Brian Shaw flipping tires in their garage gyms, looks fascinating? Well, the Flipping Tire is just a tip of Iceberg, as there are a lot of other forms of workouts you can do with a tire hitting your full body muscle. Well, to start with, it is suggested to practice all these workouts in the presence of a trainer lest you can deflate yourself falling under this heavy piece of rubber! Statutory warning applied.

Q How to procure?

Getting a tire is easier than any other gym equipment for your garage gym, in fact, you can have tires from any junkyard store or any truck or heavy vehicle warehouses. As it costs a lot for a ruptured tire to repair, the folks dealing in this will find a good deal in selling you a few tires without costing much.

Q How to use it?

Well, once you get all these big toys of big boys in your garage gym or in your parking lawn, you need to know some precise exercise that you can do with these tires.

In this article, we have enumerated a few tire workouts that you can do in an open space:

  1. Farmer Walk

Farmer WalkHop in the hollow part of the tire, then grip it with your hand firmly. While gripping you need to rotate your shoulder so that your thumb directs inside. Now, firmly gripping the rim of the tire, set up in a deadlift position and lift the tire upward and then take a walk. Take a walk of 50 feet and then drop It, rest for 30 seconds and resume again.

  1. Tire Deadlift

Tire DeadliftYou can also do conventional workouts like a deadlift with a tire. For this workout again you need to step in the hollow part of a tire and grip in the tire firmly with your hand. As it is not a barbell, you need to rotate your hands inwards taking your thumps facing back to the grip of the tire.

Now, to start the deadlift, lock your shoulder and constrict your back by touching scapula so that you don’t injure yourself while doing it. Keeping your chest up and back straight, lift up the tire hold for a couple of seconds and then drop it.

This how, you complete one rep of three different sets. Try to do 12 reps of 3 different sets taking a gap of 1 minute.

  1. Sledgehammer

SledgehammerWhat will happen, if you are allowed to smash something? Well, it sounds devastating but yes it’s a kind of exercise that you can do over a tire. Believe me, the hammering session will give real jerk in your adrenaline as it’s a noisy and ruthless sort of exercise. Perfectly, designed for your shoulder the hammering can tone your limps real solid!

Well, to start with You need a hammer quite to leave you tired. Then Gripping it with one just under the load of the hammer and other at the hind of the handle, start taking it around your as if you are swinging a sword and drop it flat on the tire, Boom! This makes loud flappy noise and completes one set, try to do 20 sets before switching sides.

  1. Tire Flip

Tire FlipHere comes the most quintessential strongman workout, Tire Flip. In this workout all, you need to grip in whatever gut you found in a horizontal tire and lift it up and flip it. Sounds quite easy right!!! Despite the fact, that it sounds so much easy to do, once you grip in the tire you can realize why the workout is called as the strongman workout.  In the whole process of tire flip, keep your chest up and back straight without making any hinge to your hind side.

You can also add push up in between flipping tire; this will trigger an explosive power to your workout regime, targeting the development of overall body muscle.

  1. Deep Sumo Squats into High Pull

High PullStand on a horizontal tire keeping legs on either side of hollow center, holding a 20 KG Dumbbell over it. Start squatting all the down keeping dumbbell dangling in between your legs. As soon as you reach down the floor, stand up as fast as you can and then pull the dumbbell up to the shoulder height.

  1. Tire Jumps

Tire JumpsSo identical to box jumps, tire jumps can be useful to strengthen your core and lower body besides improving the stability of your hips and supporting ankles. To start with, stand next to and do a little squat. Jump over the horizontally placed tire and then step down and then again repeat the same.

  1. Decline Push-Ups

Push-UpsThis Tire Workout is designed to take your normal floor push-ups to the next level. To start the workout, you need to put your hands on the floor facing away from the tire. Then Place your both legs on the circumference of the tire and raise yourself a bit like a plank position. Now lower your body keeping whole body straight, bending both arms at 90-degree angles. Return to the original posture by pushing up until your arms fully extended again.


The information contained in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended as a health advice. We would ask you to consult a qualified professional or medical expert to gain additional knowledge before you choose to consume any product or perform any exercise.


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