Gautam Gambhir, mentor and world Cup winning team member has warned the players who are in the recently constructed, and one of the debutant franchises of this season IPL even ahead of the auction and games.

Gautam Gambhir while talking on a chat show Backstage with Boria that those who will be playing for his franchise (Lucknow Super Giants) can’t be thinking of playing for India as it would be ‘dishonesty’.

Gambhir, who led the KKR and has been two times IPL winning captain was quite stern in his statement.

“When I’ve captained, I have always said I don’t want players thinking of playing for India. I want players thinking of playing for the franchise. Playing for India is just the byproduct,” Gambhir said.

“If you think of playing for India and you start saying that Lucknow gives me that platform to play for India, then you are being dishonest to the franchise. But if you were to play for Lucknow and deliver it for Lucknow, eventually you will end up playing for India.”

Gambhir has demanded complete attention from the players for the duration of the IPL, that roughly takes place for two months. For the former Kolkata Knight Riders captain, playing for India could be the ultimate aim for players, but during the course of those two months, Gambhir wants the entire focus to be on IPL.

“So probably in those two months, I would not want any of the players saying or thinking that my job or my ultimate aim is to play for India. Their ultimate aim for those two months is to win the tournament for the franchise. And if they look to do that with their performances, they will eventually go on to play for India.”

“And IPL is not a platform to go on to play for India. IPL is a platform to showcase your talent to the world, and that is how players should think about it,” Gautam Gambhir added.


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