The Camp Transformation Center (The Camp), a radically different fitness franchise transforming lives at more than 100 United States gyms, is celebrating Women’s History Month by recognizing powerful female leaders at the core of the fast-growing brand.

The culture of determination at The Camp starts with The Camp Co-Founder Alejandra Font, whose desire to live a fulfilling life has motivated her to take on entrepreneurship with no excuses and has been the driving force behind her goal to encourage other women to see their potential.

“I want to inspire more women to raise their hand and bring their ambitions to life,” says Alejandra. “I don’t see enough female-founded companies, and that’s a problem because I know there is a ton of talent out there among women.”

Alejandra’s inspiring, go-get-it attitude has a ripple effect through The Camp franchise system. It’s apparent in the personalities and drive of the brand’s franchisees, most of whom were introduced to The Camp as members. Members like Gia Smith and Erica Sierra became passionate about The Camp’s mission after experiencing the waterfall effect of weight loss on overall health.

Erica is demonstrative of a person who makes no excuses. She learned the business, opened her first Long Beach location in 2018, and enjoyed success. It did not take long before she decided it was time to expand. Erica got the keys to her second Long Beach gym in February 2020, just weeks before the global pandemic shuttered businesses everywhere. Then, in May 2020, in the midst of social unrest following the death of George Floyd, the new Long Beach gym was burned and badly damaged during a protest.

“I feel extremely blessed to say we are now open, and we are thriving,” says Erica, one year after the damaged gym opened following extensive repairs. “A handful of times, I contemplated throwing in the towel, but I’m resilient and determined. I think that knowing I had a team and members relying on us for jobs and workouts, I knew I had to figure it out. Plus, I’m a single mom, I have to provide for my kids. Failing was not an option.”

Erica and Gia both operate locations that are among The Camp’s top-25 performing gyms. Gia, who owns five gyms in California and Arizona, feels similarly accountable to her employees and members. “I never want to see a camp close because I see what it does for people,” she says.

Gia is driven to create a positive experience, but she also wants to help others open doors to success. For example, Gia recognized the potential of Marcus Rosemond, a trainer at her gym in Clovis, California. “He had classes that were constantly full. People loved him. He’s an excellent leader,” she recalls. She was so impressed that she asked him to join her as a partial owner of her gym in nearby Madera.

“Everyone has someone in the background that has put their sweat and tears into your brand or business,” Gia says. “If you empower the people that work for you, they won’t leave you. You will become blessed by creating space for others to be successful alongside you.”

Alejandra says she is inspired by the strong leaders, like Erica and Gia, who make up The Camp’s franchise family. But she believes there are more women out there capable of being change-makers, and she hopes to help as many as possible — whether they’re The Camp members or franchisees — feel empowered.

“I want to inspire women to do what they want to do, not what they feel they should do,” explains Alejandra. “Women have a lot more to offer than 20 years of raising kids, so I encourage them to find their passion. That passion doesn’t have to be owning a business, but I think having a purpose outside of your home is so important. At The Camp, we know women have everything it takes to do incredible things.”

Founded in 2010, The Camp Transformation Center was born out of the realization that despite universal knowledge of how to lose weight — eat healthier and work out regularly — millions of people still struggle to get results. During an era of skyrocketing obesity, The Camp created a proven system to help this massively underserved audience achieve their goals.

More than 100 locations are open nationwide with more than 20 new franchises slated to open this year.

About The Camp Transformation Center:

Founded in 2010, The Camp Transformation Center (The Camp) is an industry leader in the weight loss and wellness niche. The Camp currently has nearly 150 locations in more than a dozen states. Each camp employs the company’s signature Challenge, a six-week initial entry point for members, which aims to be a transformative moment in the lives of those who join and a launching pad for long-term membership. The Camp Transformation Center is known for its enthusiastic staff members, a clean environment, an open, spacious, and colorful design and supplement plans, and fitness training that is motivating and affordable.


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