That’s fantastic news for Teqball enthusiasts in the United States! The qualification of six US athletes for the World Teqball Championships 2023 in Bangkok, Thailand, demonstrates the growth and talent within the Teqball community in the USA. It’s a great opportunity for these athletes to showcase their skills on the global stage and compete against the world’s best Teqers.

The following players will compete in the noted categories.

  • Women’s Singles: CAROLYN ANN GRECO (reigning world champion)

The fact that this championship is being held in Bangkok, Thailand, and broadcast internationally on Eurosport, MONO29 in Thailand, and ZhiboTV in China highlights the growing global appeal of Teqball. It’s a testament to the sport’s popularity and its ability to attract athletes and viewers from various corners of the world.

“It’s always challenging for me to find the right words to express my gratitude and humility that I have for representing the United States,” Stated Carolyn Greco, currently ranked #2 in singles and #3 in doubles is set to compete for her 3rd consecutive year, Greco is currently the World Championship title holder, having won and taking home the Gold Medal from last year’s World Championships. “I’m truly enjoying every moment of this journey, and I am beyond grateful for every day that I get to wear red, white, and blue,” she continued.

We’ll undoubtedly witness thrilling matches and extraordinary talent as these athletes compete for the coveted title of World Champion and the substantial grand prize. Teqball continues to make its mark on the international sports scene, and this event is a significant milestone in its development outside of its European origins.

“It is an honor to be competing in a 3rd straight world championship to represent team USA. The road to the top and to stay on top is never easy, so I am extremely proud of the work that I have done with my partner in order to be able to continue to find success over the past three years,” noted Margaret Osmundson, two-time world championships silver medallist in Mixed Doubles. “I am beyond grateful for the people who I am surrounded by daily who continue to support these dreams to bring a title back to the USA.”


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