Strength Genesis was proud to announce its decision to adopt green initiative for its whole product line. Pur-Zealander, New Zealand Grass-Fed protein powder, Australian Cold Pressed Macadamia Nut Oil are some of the products made by Strength Genesis. The packaging for all of these are now being done using sustainable materials, that include paper, glass and metal.

The food supplement categories has undergone an increase by upto 300 percent YTD in the case of Strength Genesis. Further, Strength Genesis believes that sustainable packaging has assumed greater significance in the premium quality nutrition market in the same way as that of its products. Derek Alessi Ph.D, Strength Genesis’s Founder mentioned that the company wanted to offer a premium product as well as premium packaging.

Strength Genesis has undergone a search all over the world for dietary supplements possessing the highest quality. The Company has been ethically sourcing grass-feed protein from New Zealand, which is one of the countries that have some of the strictest laws in the world on grass feeding of cows. Some of the highest bioavailability and protein assimilation in the industry is being offered by them.

The 100% Cold-Pressed Macadamia Nut Oil considered as their liquid gold is being sourced from Australia. Many believe that this is a premier cooking oil that offers higher-good Omega fats that is higher than Olive oil along with a rich buttery taste. This is considered to be ideal for cooking vegetables, meat and eggs.

Strength Genesis is of the opinion that this category is slated to grow in 2021 and in the subsequent years. Alessi has stated that it has been clear that the market had been looking for higher quality food supplement products that are sourced and packaged in a responsible manner. Further, he mentioned that plastics are not good for the health of our body, in addition to being unhealthy for the environment. Finally, he added that the Company has been actively trying to move forward in expanding its product line by offering some of the finest products that can be offered by the world considered to be beneficial to human health.


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