All Points North Lodge has recently added in-house HBOT treatment option in collaboration with NexGen Hyperbaric as well as the Center for Wound Healing and Hyperbaric Medicine as part of its expansion plans.  HBOT, a simple and non-invasive therapy works to raise the natural healing process, as it provides 100% oxygen intake in an enclosed chamber whose pressure is 3x that of the atmospheric norm. By inhaling pure oxygen, the lungs would be able to capture oxygen that is three times higher than normal and also push the extra oxygen into the tissues all over the body.

Oxygen in sufficient amounts is necessary for tissue health and function. HBOT helps to increase the amount of oxygen present in the blood, which can enable injured tissues and blood vessels to heal at a faster pace. With an increase in oxygen, the defense system present in the body is enabled to fight infections better, which includes killing of bacteria, apart from minimizing injury as well as stimulate angiogenesis.

Owing to the presence of such remarkable benefits, HBOT has obtained the FDA approval and can help treat 13 different indications. Preliminary studies have shown that HBOT can help in the prevention of long-term mental health disorders that include depression that is followed by a stroke or concussion. HBOT can also help in treatment of PTSD.

Many other studies have shown that HBOT could help in treatment of traumatic brain injury, including other conditions such as PTSD, chronic infections (i.e. Lyme Disease), sports-related injuries as well as pain.

Noah Nordheimer, CEO of All Points North Lodge stated that they are thrilled to include HBOT into their list of divergent methods, which can help to revolutionize the process of treatment and recovery.

He further expressed optimism over the fact that, with the NexGen Hyperbaric and Center for Wound Healing and Hyperbaric Medicine’s experience being remarkable in the management of HBOT centers throughout the country, including the on-site hyperbaric chamber of All Points North Lodge, the clientele could be reassured that they will remain in the hands of experts.

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