Bollywood Celebrity Shilpa Shetty decided to share a video of herself recently through social media networking service Instagram, which showed her practicing a new Yoga Asana. She went on to share one of her mottos with her fans and followers, which is to start her day by performing yoga.

As Shilpa Shetty shared her video on social media, she also wrote a few lines in which she stated that it is highly important to start something with a clear mind and a positive attitude, be it a new venture, or a task or starting the day new. Additionally, she is said to have mentioned that the best way for her to start her day and week had been with yoga. However, she added that a person cannot continue with the same routine week on week.

She had been practicing the new yoga asana called Prasarita Padottanasana, including its variations. She also went ahead to explain the benefits of doing this yoga asana. She had stated that these asanas would be working predominantly on the lower body, apart from strengthening the spine as well as other body parts such as the legs and the core. Moreover, she mentioned that this asana helps in calming the mind in the process. Additionally, she added that there is a stretching of the calves, glutes as well as the hamstring in the process.

Shilpa Shetty had gone on to mention that apart from the above benefits provided by this asana, there is an improvement in digestion and even the abdominal muscles are toned. Lastly, she explained that the routine may seem very simple to perform, but they are highly effective. Tagging her post with #Monday Motivation, #SwasthRahoMastRaho, #FitIndia, #Yoga, #YogaSeHiHoga and #NewDay #fitness, she received comments and praises from a lot of her fans who stated that her fitness routine had been inspiring them to take up yoga to maintain their health and fitness.

Source: Instagram/theshilpashetty


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