Plexus, a popular brand associated with health and nutrition recently announced that it would continue to extend its ongoing Lean Forward promotion, which is aimed at providing support to individuals affected by food insecurity, in view of the prevailing COVID-19 crisis.

The 5-day initiative that was started in partnership with Feeding America, to help donate one meal per Lean serving has currently turned out to be an extraordinary effort from the Plexus community for supporting the health of families throughout the country. The Lean Forward promotion has helped donate 3,400,000 million meals to Feeding America.

With the completion of this milestone, Plexus has reasons to celebrate, owing to such milestone coinciding with their second year anniversary in continuing as a Leadership Partner with Feeding America. The CEO of Feeding America, Claire Babineaux-Fontenot had stressed on the significance of partnership through a heartfelt message at the recently concluded Plexus Worldwide Annual Convention.

According to Babineaux-Fontenot, Feeding America had been supplying meals to nearly 40 million people before the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic. Ever since the emergence of the pandemic, such numbers have touched a new high. It is estimated that close to 53 million people would have to face hunger in this country, due to the existence of the pandemic and the food insecurity that was present earlier before the emergence of the pandemic. She further added that, out of the 53 million people in the country, the number of children is estimated to be around 20 million, which is another major reason for seeking the assistance of partners such as Plexus.

Further, she stated that the partnership with Plexus has helped Feeding America to supply nearly 13 million meals which is considered a huge number and that Plexus has helped them in achieving the same.

One of the initiatives that have been launched under the Plexus Nourish One charity program in partnership with Feeding America was the Plexus Lean Forward promotion. The objective of this launch was aimed at assisting communities to care for the ones they love and those that are hit hardest by the current storm. ‘Nourish One’ is expected to donate the equivalent of a single meal to its citizens who are in need all over the country, for every serving of Plexus Lean within a pack.


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