EBOOST, one of the market leaders in clean, natural supplements including beverages came out with an announcement recently to expedite the process of expanding its distribution of ‘SUPER FUEL’ canned beverage, a popular health and energy drink covering 2500 new locations throughout the country. This “Ready to Drink” Can contains nootropics, electrolytes, key vitamins and minerals, apart from several other nutrients. It is packed with natural energy that is extracted from green coffee seed as well as green tea and provides wellness support as a whole.

EBOOST’s Founder and CEO Josh Taekman stated that all of them are excited to make available its energy drink ‘SUPER FUEL’ to customers belonging to various phenomenal locations throughout the country. He further stated that consumers are also interested in choosing primarily clean and effective products that can be trusted by them. Moreover, according to him ‘SUPER FUEL’ would fit into every person’s routine, whether it is the case of a person is trying to power himself with a workout or work from home or if they want a replacement for coffee. Additionally, he added that ‘SUPER FUEL’ would provide a natural boost and will not create any trash and jitters that are found in sugary drinks or any unnatural options available currently over there, which makes people feel great and work better.

The distribution of ‘SUPER FUEL’ will be expanded to include select CVS locations across the country, including AM/PM locations in Southern California, Sheetz signature convenience store locations present in the Mid-Atlantic, specific RaceTrac locations in the Southeast and many other locations.

‘SUPER FUEL’ has been named as the Best New Product for the year 2019 by BevNET. It provides good refreshment for those engaged in pre-workout fuel, recovery post-workout, including the period when a person needs a healthy lift of energy. ‘SUPER FUEL’ is available in three flavours namely Strawberry Lemonade, Ginger Lime and Orange Mango. These can also be used for creating clean and tasty special cocktails with recipe ideas provided at Eboost.com.

Some of the places where ‘SUPER FUEL’ is currently available are Sprouts, HEB, Lifetime Fitness, including other independent specialty and health food stores as well as independent gyms spread all over the country.


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