Pete Moore, Managing Partner and Chief Dream Architect at NYC boutique financial advisory firm Integrity Square has released his inaugural book, ‘TIME TO WIN AGAIN.’ This sports-meets-business playbook aims at positioning athletes from all walks to break barriers and succeed in the rough-and-tumble business world. The business playbook, rich with bullet points and illustrations (Think Good to Great meets Where’s Waldo) presents concise, actionable insights from fellow athletes-turned-entrepreneurs who have realized exceptional business successes by drawing on their sports’ experiences and the chemistry of winning teams and dynasties.

Since 1999, the Harvard Business School graduate and self-avowed lifelong athlete has start-up entrepreneur, small business owner, private investor, Board member (and consigliere/advisor) to fast-growing companies and executives spanning companies across the HALO™ (Healthy, Active Living and Outdoors) sector. Through a rollercoaster of Mergers & Acquisitions and early stage companies, this book is a culmination of 28 years of business learnings coupled with years of competitive sports experiences. Moore has rounded up winning strategies from his exclusive circle of sports and HALO industry pros and compiled them in a book for athletes, by athletes. The straightforward, but powerful strategies are formatted to provide anyone who has ever been passionate about and active in sports to gain an unfair advantage, out-strategize their opponents, and succeed in an arena that rivals sports for its competitive nature.

‘TIME TO WIN AGAIN – 52 Takeaways From Team Sports To Ensure Your Business Success’ presents a year’s worth of short, easy-to-digest and apply tips, tactics and strategies any athlete can use to create a business plan, tear down the opposing team and reach the end-zone in any business or entrepreneurial endeavor.

A core tenet of Moore’s philosophy is that anyone who is proficient in or has competed in activity involving physical strength, speed and endurance possesses a built-in, if not unfair advantage over those who choose to sit-out in sports and physical exercise, particularly when it comes to business and life.

“In business, as in sports, there is a winner and a loser,” Moore says. “Nobody remembers who came in second. Winning is a product of discipline, drive, strategy, and skill. To succeed in sports and in business, you have to choose to win and play to win, we don’t come to work to clock-in, we play every day to win.”

“If you’re an athlete, you’re already halfway there,” Moore asserts. “Successful athletes leave few controllable outcomes to luck or chance. The unique, real-life experience that all athletes possess can be harnessed to outperform, outlast and beat their opponent to the finish line in business.”

TIME TO WIN AGAIN presents insider secrets, proven strategies and groundbreaking applications that have been used since the first Olympic competition in 776 B.C., but have been codified here for the very first time. Moore cautions that his book is not for those seeking a trophy simply for showing up. Business is a full-contact sport that requires every player to be fully-invested, with skin in the game.

Pete Moore is the Founder, Managing Partner and Chief Dream Architect at Integrity Square, the leading boutique financial advisory firm and an early-stage investor in the HALO™ sector. Since 2010, Moore has played an active role in 100+ mergers & acquisition, private placement and advisory assignments across North America, Europe and Asia. Moore previously worked at Brockway, Moran & Partners; Donaldson Lufkin & Jenrette; and Chase Securities. Pete graduated from Emory University and earned his MBA from Harvard Business School.


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