Meta, formerly known as Facebook has announced acquisition of ‘Within’ , VR based fitness app. It has been a couple of days when Facebook has recently rebranded itself as Meta inc. The company has a vision to improvise our user interfaces and putting it into a virtual world where we can share same space with someone sitting oceans far in a single time frame using avatar based features and stuffs will be live happening in front of the eyes of the patrons. Company has been first to introduced metaverse in public domain. Within, the app is in the cradle of acquisition has been the first which has a setup for VR based workout plans.

Within is a platform that offers a range of experiences from the virtual reality zone into the world we live, its USP, Supernatural, has been in the list a person seeking for a ride in virtual world. Supernatural that is often described as a fitness-oriented take on the popular Beat Saber rhythm game thanks to its combination of musical exercises, expert coaching, and other features that complement its gamified approach to convincing people they should work out in VR.

Supernatural is set to continue operating under Meta’s Reality Labs division. Within’s staff will also collaborate with Meta’s existing workers, according to Within VP of Play Jason Rubin, who seems like he’s already preparing for the countless questions about how this acquisition could prevent other companies from thriving in the “metaverse.”

“Together we will also explore ways we can enhance future hardware to support VR fitness apps, encouraging other developers to bring new fitness experiences to VR,” Rubin said in a blog post. “We believe fitness will be a massive success in VR where multiple third party fitness apps can succeed.” (Meta doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to claims like that, however.)

Neither Meta nor Within have revealed additional details about the acquisition. TechCrunch says that Within has raised over $50 million in funding since it was founded in 2015. Presumably the venture capital firms that backed the startup will see a healthy return on investment given Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s stated commitment to developing his vision for the metaverse.


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