It’s been rightly said that the ‘couples who train together always remain together’. No matter how complicated would be there lives, couple who train together can sweat out every complication of life in the gym. Working out with your partner not only keeps you both attracted to each other as well as can improve your interpersonal relationship at the best.

In this edition of power couples, we have featured a Bangalorebased fit couple who resolve all their hustle-bustle in the gym. Sportz Business brings an exclusive talk with Saurabh Chakraborty (WBFF Muscle Model, Mr Bengaluru and South India, Prep Coach) and Pooja Sharma (ex-Roadies and Body Transformation Expert). In a talk, both social media active body transformation experts reveals their fitness relationship and how are they educating others to stay safe.

Q In India, it is quite rare to find fit couples alike you who’re seriously engaged in body transformation? An anecdotal story behind this and how have you DUO been an influencer for others in this genre?

When we started we never thought that we were going to be an influencer. Gaurabh wanted to sculpt his body like the Aamir Khan of GAJNI MOVIE, whereas, I wanted to fit in my dresses. Actually our workout got us together; Gaurabh was very good at sports which actually impressed me. He started joining me in my early morning walks; our houses were just 5-6 Kilometers apart. So, this how we got connected.

Q What it needs for couples to ‘Workout together’ and be ‘Fit together’?

There is no special quality needed as to be ‘Fit Together’. Well, we always believe that health is important and now we don’t Workout anymore to shape up our body. The sole reason now we workout together is that we can spend quality time together in the gym, where we support each other, push each other. This has actually created a special bond between us. Honestly most of our fights get solved in gym as we know need to each other’s support to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Q Gaurabh and Pooja, you both are experts of your fields; can you tell us how do you manage your clients?

Well, both of us believe in sustainable transformation. We actually treat our clients like friends, because then only bonds will be strong enough to understand their issues. Gaurabh, being a Bengali and me being Desi foodie, we don’t believe in not eating concept rather we believe in eating everything just knowing how much of it, also since we workout in gym that doesn’t mean our clients has to do the same. We believe in customization to goals and that’s what we believe in strongly. Honestly, the simplicity of our training has allowed us to reach all over the world and not just in India.

fitQ Gaurabh tell us the story behind your Limca Book of Record buzz?

Well, I just loved doing pull ups, somewhere I came across an article of max number of pull ups and being a college guy, I was all excited for it. And subsequently, I kept practicing and Woah! it happened in one minute 70 pull ups. I can’t believe how I did it.

bodyQ You guys handle, can you enlighten our readers about this venture?

Our goal always remains to reach out to more and more people. Erstwhile, it was difficult with only two of us, so last year was founded where we along with our team started offering ‘online training session’ and believe me within a short span of 1 year, we have clients from across 40 different countries! Sounds crazy! It’s all because of Desi approach of

Q Pooja Sharma, you are quite open with female body issues what kind of responses and questions you get online?

The most common question are about if they can lose weight with PCOD/PCOS/POST PREGNANCY! It’s such a big myth, besides women also want to know if they can workout during periods.

fitnessQ How distinct are Transformation Specialists in comparison to Online Trainers?

Trainers are the ones who help you in workouts but we are in business of transforming life not just body.

Q How are you guys are keeping a track over your fitness being away from gym for almost three months during the course of lockdown?  

We believe workout should be anywhere anytime, you don’t need special equipment you just need the right plan! So we are working out at home without any equipment at all.

Q Where can our readers find you, and a bit about your future plans, if any?

We are mostly over instagram, Gaurabhchakraborty (Mr Delts) and Pooja Sharma (pooja_flabtofab)! Haha, and they can also check out us on!


The information contained in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended as a health advice. We would ask you to consult a qualified professional or medical expert to gain additional knowledge before you choose to consume any product or perform any exercise.


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