Himalayan Stallion, a national platform to promote natural fitness practices and encourage youth to be aware of drug abuse, has organised the Himalayan Stallion Sports Festival scheduled to be held at the Surat International Exhibition and Convention Centre (SIECC) at Sarsana on July 2 and July 3, 2022. The natural athletes will have an opportunity to showcase their abilities to compete through their hard work and talent.

Jeet Selal, the founder of Himalayan Stallion, has started his YouTube channel in 2016, “Jeet Selal Aesthetics”, for #DRUGFREEINDIA mission to create awareness among the Indian Youth on Drug and steroids abuse for sports, health & fitness practices. Selal came back to India in 2018 after completing his sports education in the United Kingdom and working in Australia for a sports team. Selal himself practices natural fitness for the past 15 years & he is the brainchild behind the Himalayan Stallion Sports Festival to showcase the abilities of natural athletes and build their careers in the sports, health and fitness industry.

According to Selal, sport is one of the industries that pushes people throughout the world to lead a healthy lifestyle. However, drugs & steroids have always been and will always be the most challenging obstacle to overcome in the field. It has become a common topic of conversation in India, particularly in the lifestyle, fitness, showbiz and bodybuilding industry.

Himalayan Stallion would be giving natural athletes and sports personalities a platform to encourage more fitness enthusiasts to promote natural sports &health and fitness practices.

Selal, who is vocal about drug abuse in India, stated that drug and steroids abuse in the sports industry had been the biggest challenge, and youth are falling for it without knowing its impact on their health. As a natural fitness practitioner for the last 15 years, he started his YouTube journey in 2016 with a mission of #DRUGFREEINDIA. His mission is to make aware every Indian of drug& steroid use disadvantages in the long run and different problems occurring at a later stage.

The Himalayan Stallion Sports Festival will aim to add more sports like Cycling, marathons, Arm Wrestling, Cross Fit, Mix Martial Arts, Strong Men, Power Lifting and many more in upcoming time whilst initiating HSF with competitions like open bodybuilding, classic physique, men’s physique, and women’s bikini.


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