Google Assistant has updated a new feature to permit users to observe fitness-related data, even from a connected Fitbit device, smart devices, and more. Users have to enable the feature manually through the Wellness section on the Assistant app’s Settings. Here, you need to select the new ‘proactively’ option that displays the information on your “smart devices” from your connected fitness services. The new feature is also available to users in India.


Google had launched the Wellness section back in November 2020 that replaced the sleep feature. Prominently, the sleep button now comes combined following this section. You can prefer to track fitness data on Nest Hub, the Nest Hub Max, and the Lenovo Smart Clock, with the new ‘proactive’ section on the Google Assistant app.

If it is working for everyone, they might be capable to track only sleep-related fitness data as the Wellness section is yet to get a new update to show “wellness data” related to “workout” and “nutrition.” The report reflects that the Wellness section might get improved over time following Google’s current procurement of Fitbit and with a new Nest Hub 2021 around the corner. Moreover, the description on Google Assistant’s Wellness settings page and more functionality will be revealed soon.


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