As the functional fitness industry is both revolutionary and dynamic, it continues to transform and expand on the basis of the requirement to seek more ways of attracting & keeping people pinned to healthy lifestyles. While historic growth of the industry has been underpinned by the inception & evolution of several trends, one has been witness to gain continuous momentum in recent years – “Functional Training”. This has further created and driven demand for the functional fitness equipment.

A new study exerts accurate insights and imperative intelligence on the functional fitness equipment market for the period of forecast, 2018 to 2028.  The ACSM has deemed functional fitness has been considered one of the leading fitness activities, which commenced as an opportunity for personal trainers in varying programming of their clients in private sessions. This, coupled with the scope for creativity among trainers regarding functional movement training concepts, will continue to drive growth of the functional fitness equipment market.

Recognizing the upward trend of the functional fitness, relevant equipment manufacturers have introduced a wide range of variants. According to the study, bars & plates will continue to as top-selling variant in the functional fitness equipment market, with kettlebells & dumbbells on the trail. Revenues from the rowing machine are poised to record a relatively higher growth rate than other functional fitness equipment through 2028.

Functional Fitness Equipment Market: Functional Fitness Championships Favoring Sales in North America

North America continues to be highly lucrative for growth of the functional fitness equipment market, underpinned by rising incidences of chronic metabolic disorders, including diabetes and heart diseases, which are directly associated with obesity. Health benefits of the functional equipment are therefore being leveraged by the region’s population.

Functional fitness championships being conducted in the U.S. by non-profit organizations, such as the USA functional fitness (USAFF), has significantly impacted expansion of the functional fitness market in the region. Revenue share of North America in the functional fitness equipment market will remain higher than Europe’s during the forecast period. However, Europe will record a comparatively higher growth rate through 2028.

Given the robust occupancy of the fitness industry in Europe, significant opportunities exist for functional fitness equipment manufacturers in the region. Growth of the functional fitness equipment market in Europe is primarily underpinned by proliferation of fitness clubs as a consequence of high participation of Millennials in fitness programs. Majority of the Europe’s functional fitness equipment market remains concentrated in the U.K. and Germany, according to the study.

Functional Fitness Equipment Market: Health Club Industry’s Focus on Creating Functional Training Spaces to Fuel Growth

A paradigm shift is being witnessed currently in the functional fitness equipment market, as the big box health clubs and low-cost, high-volume chains are clearing out large footprint, traditional machines. Albeit investments remain a concern, benefits of functional fitness equipment outweigh cost of “out-with-the-old-in-with-the-new” concept, while the health club industry shifts its focus toward creating “functional training spaces.” This will significantly spur growth of the functional fitness equipment market in the near future.

Albeit considered as a trend currently, functional training will continue to prevail, encompassing a wide array of strength and movement training. Prospects of the functional fitness equipment market continue to be bullish, as functional fitness programming evolves in tandem with demands of enthusiasts and requirement for providing dynamic fitness equipment.

Kettlebells & dumbbells and rowing machines are being considered as staples for the functional training activities. The functional fitness equipment market is likely to witness traditional designs of sledgehammers, weighted bags, and battle ropes being updated with must-have features apropos of health club functional fitness training zones.


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