This summer, athletes from cricket, cycling and tennis are turning their back on traditional sports drinks and the old-school remedy of beer and are instead drinking and taking shots of CrampFix®, to combat cramping caused by the heat of summer, using the science behind the age-old remedy of pickle juice.

Fixx Nutrition harnesses all-natural ingredients specifically selected to replicate the efficacy of pickle juice in treating what can be the often random, severely debilitating, involuntary, painful episodes of muscle contraction that strike even the world’s top athletes.

Professional sporting teams using CrampFix include the New Zealand, England and Pakistan cricket teams, the Wallabies, UK Football and the Springboks, as well as many professional and amateur athletes and individuals from sporting codes as diverse as cycling, AFL, NRL, running and Triathlons to name a few.

“The magic of CrampFix recently played out to millions of people around the world when it completely rejuvenated star player and batter Rizwan from the Pakistani cricket team in a matter of mere seconds while playing against New Zealand – he scored a 6 immediately after using CrampFix®, it really was amazing to witness this firsthand,” Fixx Nutrition co-founder Michelle Buchegger said.

“There are many reasons why athletes from multiple disciplines cramp and sports people are ultimately looking for something that can relieve the symptoms – that’s why we totally understand why athletes are choosing CrampFix® over this summer.”

CrampFix® provides athletes instant relief via its own all natural sports nutrition formula packaged in an easy-to-carry 20ml sachet or 50ml squeeze bottle (compared to carrying a jar of pickle juice), designed to give sportspeople the relief they need via effective measured doses.

“We really believe in turning to nature to find answers to the myriad of problems that athletes face, and we absolutely love our job of harnessing the power of science to provide solutions for athletes around the world,” Ms Buchegger said.

“The real magic of pickle juice is our body’s reaction to it – once the acetic acid hits the back of the throat, the reflex has been shown to decrease activity in alpha motor neurons, which cause muscle relaxation – the ingredients in CrampFix replicate this and provide the same reaction to provide immediate relief from cramping.”

CrampFix recently also received notable coverage at the Australian Cycling Nationals Road Race when Fixx Nutrition ambassador and professional cyclist Kane Richards needed to use his CrampFix mid-race.

“CrampFix used to be my secret weapon, but now so many top pros are using it. There’s absolutely no way I would start a race without it, it’s the number one thing that goes in my pocket on race day!” Mr Richards said.

CrampFix is sold in 1000+ retailers in Australia and is exported to 15 countries. It also includes a product for rapid relief of non-exercise related muscle cramps.


The information contained in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended as a health advice. We would ask you to consult a qualified professional or medical expert to gain additional knowledge before you choose to consume any product or perform any exercise.


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