CLMBR, one of the leaders in connected fitness technology recently exhibited two new vertical climbing machines. One being CLMBR Connected for the home and the other being CLMBR Pure for commercial use. These machines have been made using state-of-the-art design as well as cutting edge technology. With At-home fitness thriving, both of these CLMBR machines have become the first to offer a state-of-the-art companion app for the purpose of displaying key metrics, that include vertical feet that has been climbed as well as the workout targets that have been completed, in order to maximize the experience of the users.

CLMBR, being an equipment that is instinctive comprises of a radically new design that is free of the typical central shaft that can be seen on other climbers. This design permits the user to look out as well as maintain correct body position, by not staying just inches away from the monitor. As CLMBR has involved itself in reinventing the current climbing machine, it is also helping raise awareness on the various advantages of climbing, apart from revolutionizing the way individuals are performing workouts.

Avrum Elmakis, being the Founder and CEO of CLMBR as well as one of the entrepreneurs in the consumer space in possession of sufficient experience mentioned that he could not wait to bring the best modality in fitness to the world. He further stated that CLMBR has been offering a natural body position that makes little impact on the joints. Further, he stated that the company has become the market leader in the connected at home fitness market and was also excited to share the new set of products with the consumers all over the world.

CLMBR Connected provides the users with efficiency and excitement of group climbing classes. This is done through their on-demand library and community based challenges that are ideal for homes, offices and multi-unit housing complexes. An integrated audio system features along with the climbing machine, which is capable of filling an entire room. In this way the user experience is enhanced and also dismisses the idea of having to purchase expensive speakers for at-home use.

Christa Dellebovi, Director of Training and Education at CLMBR mentioned that CLMBR is unique in its own way as it provides end-users with an efficient as well as safe workout that are all combined with the ability to reference useful metrics as well as enable participation in live climbing classes in order to remain accountable as well as tracking progress over the due course of time.

The CLMBR Pure Commercial model comes with a touch display that is small, in addition to possessing engaging guided climbs and climbing challenges. This model displays metrics that include total vertical feet climbed, elevation, tempo, power as well as notifications that are unique in the case of workout targets being achieved.

Vertical Climbing is a full body workout which involves the combining of high-intensity cardio along with resistance training. It is considered to be a highly efficient workout in the market.

CLMBR for home as well as for commercial use are currently available for use and can be obtained by way of a pre-order through after making a deposit of USD 500 and it will ship in early 2021.


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