VDF FutureCeuticals had received a “no questions” letter from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on the GRAS (generally recognized as safe) status of Coffeeberry, which is the Coffee Fruit Extract containing 40% Chlorogenic Acids.

As the “no questions” letter has been received from FDA, it further gives credence to a completely independent review of the Company’s GRAS dossier as well as the independent safety, toxicology, including the chemistry work that has been completed until date. This further provides support to the safety assessment made for Coffeeberry, (i.e.) Coffee Fruit Extract. On completion of its review, FDA had not disputed the Self Affirmed GRAS conclusion made by the independent panel. This further widens, with the vast potential that is present for Coffeeberry Extract, that is opening up more avenues for using this ingredient in bars, including usage in tea, ready-to-drink beverages, apart from other food and beverage applications. As GRAS review is performed at the additional level with complete transparency along with the FDA, it also underscores the strength of the scientific work, in addition to the commitment of the Company to safety and transparency as a whole.

Jeff Van Drunen, President of VDF FutureCeuticals mentioned that the Company was extremely thrilled to attain this status for their Coffeeberry Extract. Further, he stated that upon hearing this news, they expected that the reach of their coffee fruit ingredients would touch greater heights. Moreover, he added that the Company was looking forward to helping develop future innovations with their customers that would bring new products to the market for the benefit of human health, with top-level and transparent science that supports their research.

The first patent application of VDF FutureCeuticals was filed on their coffee fruit extraction technology during the early 2000s. Currently, they have a huge portfolio of issued global patents that address coffee fruit technologies and ingredients. FutureCeuticals has been continuously busy with innovation within the space and their functional research progress has exposed the huge potential for Coffeeberry Extract in food and beverages. Antioxidants that are unique are present in the product. Moreover, the clinical trials have shown that there is a notable increase in BDNF, which is a key neuroprotein that helps support memory, learning as well as greater thinking.

Coffeeberry Extract is sourced in a sustainable manner from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms by FutureCeuticals. In order to comply with the requirements of Rain Forest Alliance on social, economic and environmental sustainability, the Chain of Custody has been authenticated. Through this partnership, VDF FutureCeuticals has been able to reinforce its commitment to sustainable farming.

Image Source: https://www.futureceuticals.com/coffeeberry


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