Indian off-road and enduro motorcycle racer CS Santosh

New Delhi [India], Dec 25 : It was all teenage fascination with bikes, which brought the off-road and enduro motorcycle racer CS Santosh to the world of motorsports.

In an interaction with ANI, Santosh, the Dakar Rally 2018, Santosh said motorcycling was his way to experience adventure in life.

“I would say it was a fascination with the biking. I want to live a life with adventurous. I felt that need when I was a kid and I didn’t grow up and wanna find something adventurous to do in my life. The motorcycle was my vehicle to experience adventure in life,” Santosh told ANI.

The 36-year-old biker ignited his journey with a gearless vehicle and then shifted to a motorbike. He started his career in the sport at the age of eighteen and signed his first contract, one year later, with the TVS.

“During my college days, I used to have Kinetic Honda and then my father bought me a motorcycle to go to college. I was really fascinated by speed even then. When I got the bike I tried to race with that on the street, drag racing, and all kind of things that were not good for me. Then I heard that there is an academy for somebody like me to express myself,” Santosh said.

“I signed my first contract with TVS at 19. Since then I have been racing,” he added.

When asked about the progress of motorsport, unfamiliar sport, in India. Santosh remained optimistic and said it is on the rise as the market is expanding and consumers are getting particular about what they want.

“For me, it is definitely on the rise. If you look at the Indian market in terms of an automobile that are produced compared to the rest of the world, we are one of the leaders. So, when you have a scenario like that I think in the motorcycles we are probably the largest in the world. The fact that there is such a big industry in India, naturally it will progress,” the biker said.

“The best way to showcase your product for manufactures is to get that product into racing. That’s what the whole world has done to showcase their product and it is happening now in India. The consumer is more educated on what he wants to but today,” he added.

He seeks inspiration from the Indian shooter Abhinav Bindra who bagged the Olympic gold medal in the 10-metre Air Rifle in 2008.

“I like what Abhinav Bindra has done in the shooting. I’m also influenced by Lance Armstrong, Mike Tyson, and artist Tupac,” Santosh said.

“I as an athlete is also working with sponsors and my company for building that pipeline. The government first has to recognise motorsport as a sport. That’s the first step towards being able to have government support,” he added.

When asked about what message you want to give to the youngsters who want to step in the motorsport, he said: “Channelise your energy because I know the mistakes that I made when I was young. If you have that talent you will definitely get an opportunity to showcase that talent in a controlled environment.”

Talking about his future projects, the rider is planning to ride along the old silk route and will be participating in more titles.

“I’m planning to do an old silk route rally. I will take part in more World Championship races and will do more races in India to built a structure for the sport,” Santosh concluded.

He is also a part of the Indian team which will take part in the Dakar 2020 event.


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