The significance of heat safety and hydration must be known at all times, whether the teen athlete is in training mode or in a competition. Particularly, this is true in the cases when weather is hot and athletes have been sweating it over on the ground. Athletes can develop higher chances of getting dehydrated.

The athletes may most probably undergo training with no coaches or teammates around during this year. This has led to a greater emphasis laid on the importance of heat safety much higher than usual. A replacement of fluids and electrolytes that athletes tend to lose in sweat must be made, with options such as Gatorade in order to ensure safety as well as maintenance of performance.

There are some hydration as well as heat safety tips provided by professional athletes, including a head coach as well as a head athletic trainer. In addition to that, more advice can be obtained from or on Beat the Heat playlist.

Hydration Equation

JJ Watt, defensive end for Houston Texans uses the help of hydration equation to measure the fluid that is necessary in order to rehydrate, once an outdoor workout that is extremely difficult is complete. Prior to the workout, everyone must weigh themselves and subsequent to that, they must check the weight lost in sweat post-workout completion. One should drink around 20 ounces of fluid for every pound that is being lost in order to fully rehydrate.

Hydration Indication

The hydration levels can also be monitored in another manner, which involves one’s urine colour to be compared with household beverages such as apple juice and lemonade. According to George Kittle, tight end for the San Francisco 49ers, if a person’s urine colour is dark such as apple juice, it may turn out that such person might in all probability require a hydrating beverage such as Gatorade in order to replenish the fluids as well as electrolytes. In case, a person’s urine colour is lighter and is showing similarity to that of lemonade, such a person is supposed to be in good shape. However, it is compulsory to stay hydrated.

Quick-Cool Down

Individuals may apply cool and wet towels on to their bodies, apart from drinking enough fluids to remain hydrated and this could help in reducing their body temperatures. Professional hurdler as well as sprinter Sydney McLaughlin places greater reliance on keeping a wet towel and a cooler, which he considers as a method for cooling down the body instantly. He stated that prior to starting a workout, the towels should be made wet and subsequently put into a nearby cooler or freezer. On feeling hot, such persons could take a towel out and tie it around their neck or head.

Do-It-Yourself Cooler

A cooler can be made using some of the household items, in the cases of those persons who are not able to obtain access to a cooler. Such household items could include an empty cardboard box, aluminium foil, bubble wrap, including scissors. The bubble wrap can be cut into pieces that match the sizes on every side of the box, apart from wrapping every piece of bubble wrap in the foil. The box must be lined with the foil-wrapped bubble wrap pieces that are filled with rice, in addition to keeping the Gatorade and other fluids cool. April Ross, one of the professional beach volleyball players has also provided a demonstration on how this DIY cooler can be created through his video.

Head Start on Hydration

It is highly important to start hydrating before an athletic activity is started, especially when the weather is extremely hot outside. David Cutcliffe, who is the head football coach of Duke University Blue Devils suggests that it is necessary for people to stay hydrated upon waking up so that there are sufficient fluids present in their bodies at the time when the workouts begin. Further, one must stay hydrated all through the day, with a cold drink that can assist in replenishing the fluids and electrolytes that have been lost in the form of sweat at the time of performing workouts as well as post workouts.

Acclimate Early      

There is a necessity for persons who are performing workouts outside, in order to acclimate themselves during the times of hot weather. Rick Burkholder, head trainer of Kansas City Chiefs recommended that all could begin their training by performing workouts for an hour and subsequently adding 15 minutes every day to ease their way into the heat.

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