Most of us are aware that we are living currently in the age of technology, wherein, almost anything would be made available through the click of a button. This has brought us to another big challenge that we cannot afford to ignore, which is our health and well-being. We must remain active as well as healthy all the time. Life has been made much simpler, but we are to face this unique situation of not having to move our body physically and sitting in our couches for longer hours.

We are being pushed into a situation, wherein, we are being forced to lead a lifestyle that can affect us with many chronic diseases, due to either inadequate or literally no physical activity for our body. People who are not comfortable to join a gym for getting some workouts or who are left with very little time can at least think about doing some easy exercises at the time that is available for them during the day. These exercises can be done at their convenience and at home itself. Getting to perform some exercises for your body for at least half an hour each day is absolutely essential which is not so tough for individuals as they may imagine.

Individuals need not have to necessarily use any external weights or join any group classes that may turn out costlier. Rather, they can still work on their fitness by doing a range of bodyweight exercises at the convenience of their home.

Bodyweight Exercises carry loads of benefits for individuals that helps improve the quality of their lives on a daily basis. Some of the benefits are mentioned below:

1. It helps shed excess fat by burning calories:

Since bodyweight exercises deploy the use of every muscle of the body, apart from using the body weight to strengthen resistance in your body, it is able to burn enough calories at a comparatively faster rate as well as being able to cut down on the fat that has been accumulated by individuals, since they have been sitting all day.

2. It reduces your exhaustion levels:

If you have been regularly doing bodyweight exercises, you will not be facing the problem of over exhaustion or tiredness even as you return from work for the day. Since these exercises are performed regularly, your energy levels would continue to stay high all through the day.

3. It helps to boost your immunity levels:

As we perform regular exercises every day, the body is able to utilize all the nutrients that you obtain from the food we consume every day. Moreover, individuals can protect themselves from unnecessarily falling sick, as regular exercises are able to build the immunity levels in your body that has the ability to protect individuals against sickness.

4. It helps individuals fight stress and protects their mental health:

As we perform exercises every day, the body releases huge amounts of endorphins into our body. These chemicals generate a feeling of positivity in our minds that helps us to avert any kind of stress and the symptoms associated to it.

There are many types of bodyweight exercises that can be performed by individuals every day. These exercises can improve your fitness level, apart from making your routine more comprehensive and flexible. The following bodyweight exercises help you burn a good amount of calories, in addition to strengthening your muscles, which can help you to stay in good shape.

1. Push-ups:

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Push-ups is one of the reliable bodyweight exercises that is easy to perform, but at the same time a powerful exercise that can help you gain adequate body strength against your own weight. This exercise is normally performed as a warm-up exercise by all before they proceed with the heavy workouts at the gym. It is basically an excellent form of workout on its own, as it helps in toning your chest, including your shoulders, triceps apart from your core muscles through a single movement.

Equipment Required:

There is no requirement for any equipment to be used for performing this exercise.

How to do this exercise?

• Firstly, start by lying down on your stomach on to the floor. Keep your hands placed right under your shoulders and the palms must be kept open.

• Now, push your hands below and towards the ground in order to raise your body upwards. Keep your back, neck and legs in a straight line after you have stretched your arms completely.

• Start lowering yourself back down on to the resting position. However, just ensure that no part of your body should touch the floor again during the time of a set. You have completed one rep.

• You can continue to repeat the movement as many times you would be able to in one go. You could aim to do at least 20 reps every day.

2. Pull-ups:

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When you pull your whole bodyweight completely off the ground by taking the help of your arms, you are in a position to complete a strong workout for the day. When you do pull-ups, your arms are worked in the process. Additionally, pull-ups also works your core and back muscles of the body.

Equipment Required:

Parallel Bar

How to do this exercise?

• Firstly, start by hanging on a parallel bar. Grip the bar with your hands that should be kept at a shoulder-width distance. Keep your palms pointed away.

• Start pulling yourself up the bar with your feet staying together and start squeezing your back as well as your shoulders. Make sure not to swing your body up and down in the process.

• Put some effort to make your chest touch the bar or by getting your chin above the bar and wait for a moment.

• Now, move slowly back on to the starting position.

• You have completed one rep.

You can do as many reps as you feel comfortable with in the beginning and increase the number with time. If you are able to do more number of reps, your body will be benefitted better from this strong workout.

3. Dips:

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Dips is one of the exercises in which your body will have to be lifted in the air by using the support of your arms. This exercise works on your triceps, including other body parts such as your shoulders, core and your chest muscles. You only need a set of parallel bars to perform this exercise.

Equipment Required:

Parallel Bars

In case of non-availability of parallel bars in the nearby park or ground from your home, you can even perform these movements against any chair or bench that is present at your home.

How to do this exercise?

• Keep your palms onto the edge of any chair or bench at the back of your body. Place your feet on the floor and keep your knees just about straight.

• Start bending your elbows a bit slowly to lower your body as much as possible by keeping your back in a straight position and your heels planted firmly.

• Now, start lifting yourself on to the top by doing a powerful movement, till the elbows are completely straightened.

You can repeat this movement at least 15 times. You can then rest for a minute.

Therefore, you can start doing these bodyweight exercises right away to not only improve your posture and balance, but also to strengthen your muscles and build cardiovascular endurance.

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The information contained in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended as a health advice. We would ask you to consult a qualified professional or medical expert to gain additional knowledge before you choose to consume any product or perform any exercise.


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