Blink Fitness, one of the fitness brands has recently made the announcement on the re-opening of gyms at several places in New Jersey. The re-opening of these gyms at these places would take place by putting in place all the necessary steps to follow the new guidelines for Social Distancing as well as ensuring all the standard procedures for cleaning is followed.

The gyms will become operational starting from 01st September, 2020 morning at 6.00 am. The operating hours would be subject to some modifications after the date of re-opening.

Monday to Friday – 05.00 a.m. – 9.00 p.m

Saturday/Sunday – 07.00 a.m. – 04.00 p.m.

With the modification of hours coming into place, the procedures for cleaning and disinfection would be done overnight. Blink is thrilled to welcome its members as well as employees back to the gym, as it is ensuring that the process of re-opening is carefully developed as well as executed.

The re-opening of gyms in New Jersey would be at only 25% capacity and on a first-come, first-served basis as per the latest local guidelines. The guidelines also state that every member would have to wear an acceptable mask that should be capable of covering the nose and mouth of everybody at all times in the gym. Masks and gloves would also be mandatory for every employee at all the gyms. There will also be a temperature check done for members and employees by the gym staff, including obtaining a confirmatory response to a health–screening questionnaire from each of those entering the gym. The local guidelines would not permit access to members or employees of the gym who have a temperature of minimum 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit or higher temperatures. If responses provided by members and employees to the health screening questionnaire are not satisfactory, there may be a denial of access to such members and employees.

The gym layouts have been re-organized in such a way so as to ensure that social distancing would be maintained as per the local guidelines. A few of the cardio machines may be rendered unusable, in order to ensure that members remain at least six feet apart. The showers and water fountains would also not be available for use for this temporary period. Members would be asked to reduce their usage of the locker room and come readily in their attire for the workouts. The new Blink Promise provides all the details on the safety as well as protocols to be followed by those entering the gym.

The memberships at the gyms would be unfrozen on the re-opening of gyms. The New Jersey member billing is set to resume from 15th September, 2020. The option of re-freezing membership of the members for a limited time period without any charges is also being offered.

Todd Magazine, CEO of Blink Fitness mentioned that the Company is looking forward with confidence to welcome its members back to the gym.

Blink has asked its members to play a part during this period by helping keep employees as well as the entire community healthy and safe. This can be made possible if all of those entering the gym strictly follow whatever that is being laid out in the rules and guidelines. These rules can be found in Blink Responsibly rules, including the FAQ page. The members are expected to disinfect each and every equipment, both prior to and subsequent to their use, which is in line with the cleaning standards of Blink and the local guidelines provided for operating the gyms.


The information contained in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended as a health advice. We would ask you to consult a qualified professional or medical expert to gain additional knowledge before you choose to consume any product or perform any exercise.


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