Baze, a personalized nutrition company that had won the Nutraingredients award recently had come out with its announcement about being awarded a patent for its latest “feedback loop approach” that included its assessment, recommendations, in addition to providing dosage of personalized nutrients. In this way, Baze’s position is further strengthened as the industry leader, thereby protecting their unique approach when it comes to providing personalized nutrient recommendations.

Baze’s co-founder and CEO, Philipp Schulte stated that the Company had made an application for this patent about four years earlier, at a time when the personalized nutrition industry was still at its infant stage. He further added that the Company was aware of a better way of making nutrient recommendations that are personalized. Hence, they had leveraged the medical, mathematical and pharmaceutical backgrounds of their team in order to sketch out their now-patented approach to true precision nutrition.

The recommendation engine is at the core of their patented process that would take inputs from customers such as blood nutrient levels derived from an at-home testing device, in addition to others such as anthropometric, lifestyle data as well as health goals. Subsequently, using these inputs they have come out with precise nutrient recommendations that can be fulfilled through targeted supplemental nutrients as well as nutrient dense-food options.

According to Schulte, this patented process has been truly innovative and the underlying reason behind the same was that it had the capability to reassess biological as well as lifestyle inputs on a continuous basis, which can be added back onto the recommendation engine. He further mentioned that there would be an increase in intelligence, in addition to being more precise, as more and more data is leveraged from this ever-evolving feedback loop.

Baze has been expanding its set of reported micronutrient biomarkers on a continuous basis and is also hoping to leverage other digital markers and DNA. The Company has recommended an accurate supplement regimen that is provided in its monthly packs to help build habits easily. It has also announced that it has entered into a strategic partnership with Performance Kitchen, a brand that deals in next-gen frozen food.

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