The prenatal exercise program that helps women to remain upright as well as mobile at the time of labour by making use of a birth ball known as Birth Ball 30 is now available on demand with 4th Trimester Fitness Method. This helps in reducing the rates of C-section, including instrument intervention as well as epidural.

This program has been officially created by 4th Trimester Fitness Method. Through this evidence-based program, postpartum women and thousands of women who have been pregnant have been able to prepare for, strengthen and also recover effectively after childbirth. Emily Wannenburg, Founder has been involved in the building of Cores and Communities by advocating for every mother and also motivating them to be their best selves by taking the support of fellow moms.

Wannenburg has developed Birth Ball 30 as well as several evidence-based prenatal and postpartum recovery classes. She had earlier been working as a nurse midwife, birth doula and pregnancy and postpartum personal trainer. This has helped her in understanding the needs of pregnant and postpartum women.

It is believed that by using the fitness program such as Birth Ball 30 class on a regular basis, the ability of a woman to self-advocate during the time of her labour increases, which helps in improving the birthing experience as a whole. Birth Ball 30 class makes use of rocking moments that strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, apart from reducing pain scores significantly at the time of labour. In this way, the duration of labour stages is shortened.

During this time of COVID-19 pandemic, pregnant women would be able to get a virtual access of the class for a period of six months for an amount of USD 19.99.

A live Birth Ball Basics Online Clinic is available on the 4th Trimester Fitness Method website. This clinic covers laboring techniques, stretching and positioning and other measures for providing comfort for newborn babies.

The members also benefit from tremendous community support, apart from receiving benefits such as exercise, pain relief and education.

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