1933 Industries is pleased to announce the launch of the new Canna Hemp Plus Line (“PLUS”), which is one of the latest among all of its latest product line launches. It has been a leading manufacturer that has been engaged in the cultivation and manufacturing of cannabis consumer branded goods that offer extra strength as part of its huge wellness portfolio. Canna Hemp Plus Line(“PLUS”) has been developed for those consumers who are interested to obtain higher benefits from the increased cannabidiol (CBD) offered at prices that are competitive, including the benefit of using a trusted brand.

Research on the power offered by the cannabis plant continues to be undertaken by the health and wellness market, even as Canna Hemp brand has been focused in its application of expertize in the utilization of cannabidiol (CBD) in various formulas, which can cater to the lifestyle needs, including the demands of a growing consumer base. As the amount of CBD has doubled, PLUS line has been designed to offer products that are competitively priced, especially with some of the largest amounts of CBD being made available currently in the market place.

Mr. Eugene Ruiz, currently serving as the President of 1933 Industries stated that their exciting suite of wellness products has continued to record growth in several segments and price points. Further, he stated that they have been able to earn the trust of their consumers over the last three years with their product offerings that hold the highest quality of CBD, in addition to the products being reliable and effective.

He was also happy to announce that the company has made changes in its pricing for all its regular Canna Hemp products and that there would be an increase in the amount of CBD in the Canna Hemp Vape Pens, including Lip balms and Lotions. He further added that with falling CBD prices, the consumers are expected to benefit as the benefit of savings would be passed on to the consumers.

Every product of Canna Hemp is formulated in a specific manner, with the blending of the company’s proprietary TerpFX comprising of real cannabis-derived terpenes and organic, botanical oils.

The Canna Hemp line is expected to be presented at the time of the Efficient Collaborative Retail Marketing (ECRM) conference which will be held later during the month of August. This is a digital event, in which several brands would be expected to meet a few of the biggest retailers based in the United States in order to gain exposure for their products.

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