10 Fitness SARA system seems like a game-changer, ensuring members can access the facilities whenever it fits their schedule best. It’s so crucial for a fitness journey to have consistency, and uninterrupted access certainly helps achieve that.

While most non-staffed gyms leave members stranded outside if access issues arise during unstaffed hours, 10 Fitness stands apart. Thanks to SARA (Secured Access and Revenue Automation), members enjoy seamless entry to the facilities anytime they choose to work out, be it 10 PM on a Saturday or early on a Sunday morning.

In the rare event of internet outages, 10 Fitness’s foresight ensures that a local database backup kicks in, so members’ workouts are never compromised. This level of reliability and member support is a testament to the simplicity and effectiveness that 10 Fitness promises.

“Imagine it’s late, you’re ready to hit the gym, and your access fob doesn’t work — frustration is an understatement. At 10 Fitness, our members don’t face that,” says Eric Buckner, CEO of 10 Fitness. “Our SARA system is a game-changer, ensuring that our doors are open for members whenever they choose to exercise. This is our brand promise — simplicity and reliability in fitness.”

While 10 Fitness prides itself on the positive member experiences facilitated by SARA, it’s not just about access. It’s about providing an environment where workouts are as simple as deciding to show up.


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