Many of us at some point of time may have gotten into problems with our back and we may only be in our early 20s and 30s. We are expected to have a physically sound and healthy body during this period since we are at the prime of our physical health, wherein, we tend to do a lot of activities and at the same time not be affected by any form of physical pain in the body. However, there are quite a number of us who have not been able to keep ourselves physically strong due to various reasons.

A lot of people have even been looking for a cure for backache that is bound to arise as a result of many factors such as spending more time on the computer screen, wherein, our back may have been kept in a twisted position, leading us to suffer from back pain and due to several other factors. Many may even blame it on the lifestyle and their daily routine, in which they hardly get themselves involved with any form of physical activity.

We are currently living in different times and all of us are being mandated to live by following social distancing norms and spending periods of isolation at our homes. This has made our daily schedule even lazier, where we are going to be sitting around for longer hours than what we were doing in the past. Most of us are also not confident to hit the gym, due to the scare of the coronavirus infection that has spreading fast in all parts of the world.

However, despite all these problems, there are a few exercises that can effectively resolve the back pain problem suffered by many of us. Back exercises can be performed by individuals which would help them in conditioning their muscles that can support the spine better, in addition to confronting stress. This can help them obtain relief from pain in the back as well as the neck. Mentioned below are some of the back exercises that can be tried by individuals and they are as follows:

1. The Atomic Burpee:

Atomic Burpee
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Many of us have already heard of a standard burpee and may have even tried doing the exercise. The atomic burpee is just one step further to your standard burpees, wherein, you will be required to do an extra step of a sit-up before you jump. This is one of the highly effective back exercises that will strengthen your back, especially your lower back. This medium intensity exercise primarily targets your triceps and gluteus maximus. Besides, the major muscle groups of individuals are strengthened, in addition to helping them burn a good amount of calories.

How to do the Atomic Burpee exercise?

• Start by lying on your back keeping your legs straight. Keep your arms bent at the back of your head.

• Now, you can do one sit-up and jump onto a standing position rather than lowering further on to the ground.

• Perform the standard burpee step by jumping to complete a push-up which will be followed by a jump to squat as well as a straight jump onto the ceiling.

You can repeat the movements for at least 12 times.

2. Bridge Pose:

Bridge Pose
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This is an excellent back exercise and is also referred to as Setu Bandhasana in yoga. While doing this exercise, you must lift the midsection of your body, which can stretch your muscles present in the lower back. Some of them may be affected by pain in the lower back. By doing this exercise, they can obtain good relief from lower back pain.

How to do the Bridge Pose exercise?

• First, you can start by lying down on the back on a mat. Start bending the knees and place the feet firmly onto the ground. Keep your feet hip-width apart.

• Keep the arms straight by placing them both on each of your sides and a little beneath the hips.

• Start raising your hips by driving the glutes up. Keep your neck and shoulders firmly placed on the ground.

• Start forming one straight line that goes from your knees and reaching all the way up to your shoulders.

• Wait for a few seconds and start once again by repeating this exercise.

You can repeat this exercise at least for about 12 times.

3. Pilates Swimming:

Pilates Swimming
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This is one of the fun back exercises that can be tried at home by individuals. All parts of an individual’s body will come into play while doing this exercise. Besides, every individual will find it equally challenging to perform this exercise. Your core as well as your lower back is strengthened in the process. As you perform this exercise, your hamstrings present behind your thighs would be used to raise your legs from the mat additionally.

How to do Pilates Swimming exercise?

• Start by lying on your stomach by keeping the legs joined together and straight.

• Now, start stretching your arms straight over your head by keeping the shoulder blades settled onto your back. Keep your shoulders off from the ears.

• Your abs must be pulled inwards so that you are able to raise the belly button off the floor.

• Keep your arms and legs extended in opposite directions so that they come up naturally away from the floor. Simultaneously, your spine must be lengthened so that the head can move further up away from the mat.

• Start pumping your one of the arms and legs up and down in a small pulse by continuing to reach out from the center. Similarly, you can continue by doing for the other arm and leg.

• You can breathe in and out for a count of 4 kicks and reaches, which would make you look like you are swimming in a pool.

Try repeating this movement for about 3 cycles by getting at least 4 inhales and exhales.

4. Bird Dog:

Bird Dog
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Bird Dog exercise is one of the core exercises that increases stability in the body and can protect your neck and back from severe stress or strain by permitting them to function in a proper manner. Apart from strengthening your core, this exercise is also highly recommended for those individuals who are looking to obtain instant relief from pain in the lower back region of their body.

How to do Bird Dog exercise?

• Start on all fours onto a tabletop position.

• Keep your knees beneath the hips while your hands should be kept beneath your shoulders.

• Maintain a neutral spine by which you start engaging the abdominal muscles.

• Your shoulder blades must be drawn together.

• Lift the right arm and the left leg and keep the shoulders and hips parallel to the floor.

• The back of the neck should be lengthened and start tucking the chin onto your chest in order to look down steadily at the floor.

• Remain in the same position for a few seconds and the lower back down on to the starting position.

• Similarly, lift your left arm and right leg and hold onto this position for a few seconds.

• Come back to the starting position. You have completed a round.

You can try and do at least 3 sets of 10 repetitions.

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The information contained in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended as a health advice. We would ask you to consult a qualified professional or medical expert to gain additional knowledge before you choose to consume any product or perform any exercise.


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