Deepa Malik

New Delhi [India], Dec 16 : Noted para-athlete Deepa Malik on Monday said that the country need to create role-models in the Para games so that we can attract more and more concerned people to the Paralympic sports.

“We need to create role models unless we have medals in big games we can’t attract the focus of the CSR, government policies and their budgets to the Paralympic sports. It is very very important to us to maintain the talent which we already have and ensure that all the facilities and every little thing are provided to them so that we don’t miss that medal,” Malik told reporters here during an event.

“As an athlete council representative, I feel very elated that such huge corporates and their foundation — Kane Foundation– they are coming forward and supporting the training and journey of the athletes. For the first time, I’m seeing an athlete-centric approach. Paralympic Committee of India (PCI) is bringing forward the athletes and connecting them for the CSR initiatives,” she added.

Speaking over the Kane Foundation joining hands to support the par-athletes in their training and other things, Malik said that she sees it as a big boost to the game.

“This is going to be a huge boost not just to there training but also to there morale and in general awareness,” Malik said.

When asked about what’s her take on college students protesting over the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) she said that those youth are utilising their energy in the wrong direction.

“I think these are the youths whose energy are not channelised in the right direction. I feel when you engage the youth in sporting activities their energies are directed in the right direction. They become healthier and more constructive and positive thinking citizens,” Malik said.


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