Rishabh Pant has been a stupendous player since he was inducted in the Indian Team, but the clouds of being not in form is prevailing his ambience. His shot selection has sometimes been mooted in BCCI Selectors and among many cricket enthusiasts but this time on this tour against Proteas the spurge in the matter has assumed a tall face.

Many have talked to and about Rishabh Pant, celebrated wicketkeeper-batter of Indian Team but Virat Kohli has broken his silence to clear the clutter of criticism Pant is facing.

Kohli, On Being asked about Rishabh Pant and His shot selection, uttered the advice what Captain Cool MSD gave him and showed believe that Rishabh Pant would come out with flying colors and he would improve his selections.

“We had a conversation with Rishabh during practice. A batter knows if he played the right shot according to the situation. As long as an individual accepts that responsibility (it should be fine). I think that’s how progress happens and everyone has made mistakes in their career and got out in important situations. Sometimes due to our fault and sometimes due to the pressure. Sometimes due to the bowler’s skill also”, he said during a virtual press conference on Monday.

“It is important to know that what was your mindset in that moment. What decision did you take and where was your mistake. I think only after accepting our mistake, we improve and will make sure that it isn’t repeated again”, he further added.

Sharing a lesson he learnt from former teammate Dhoni, Kohli said that as long there is a gap of “7-8 months” between two mistakes, a player can grow in international cricket.

“At the beginning, MS Dhoni told me that between two mistakes, there should be at least 7-8 months’ gap. Then only your career grows in international cricket. So that has always remained in my system, that I won’t repeat my mistakes again and again. That happens when you reflect on your mistakes”, he said.


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