On Monday, August 28th, UBX, pronounced as You-Box, launched its innovative boxing and strength fitness concept in Japan. This expansion into Japan marks the brand’s seventh global entry, following its success in over 100 locations across Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Ireland, the UK, and the U.S. UBX’s ambitious roadmap includes plans to reach over 500 gyms globally in the next five years, achieved through a combination of direct expansion efforts from its Australian headquarters and strategic Master Franchise partnerships with Prova Group in Japan and Empowered Brands in the UK and Ireland.

In collaboration with Prova Group, UBX aims to open a minimum of 145 locations in Japan over the next decade. Earlier in June, UBX celebrated the launch of its first U.S. location in Larchmont, New York, which quickly gained popularity, boasting over 200 members and 2,400 visits since its opening. Additionally, the UK and Ireland have seen significant growth, with four active locations and plans for over 200 more in development.

To further solidify its presence in the boxing and fitness industry, UBX has forged a global partnership with adidas Combat Sports. This partnership encompasses co-branding efforts, joint product design, marketing initiatives, and distribution strategies for boxing gloves, apparel, staff uniforms, and equipment.

Japan is an exciting market for UBX due to its strong interest in boxing, longstanding affinity with martial arts, and long list of world champions including former P4P #1 boxer Naoya Inoue. As seen globally, consumer interest and participation often follow professional success in sport,” states Tim West, UBX co-founder and Managing Director.

Founded in 2016 in Brisbane, Australia, by fitness and tech entrepreneur Tim West and four-time world champion Australian boxer Danny Green, UBX offers a unique fitness experience by combining boxing and strength training within a 12-round circuit. The company’s mission is to democratize boxing, making it accessible to individuals of all fitness levels, allowing them to train like professional boxers. UBX distinguishes itself from traditional gyms by fostering a fun, flexible, and inclusive environment, drawing in fitness enthusiasts worldwide with its addictive and accessible approach.

UBX Managing Director West notes that “Our mission is to give everyone the opportunity to train like a boxer without stepping into the ring. We want to create the largest boxing community worldwide…Boxing is experiencing a new golden era and demand follows public interest.

As UBX continues to expand its global footprint, the brand remains dedicated to its core values of delivering a distinctive fitness experience while ensuring that boxing is accessible to everyone. With its remarkable growth trajectory and unwavering commitment, UBX is poised to become the premier destination for boxing enthusiasts around the world.


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