“Is Your Back Getting The Desired Attention That It Deserves?”

“We want to tell you that there is much for you to gain from building a stronger back. So don’t wait anymore.”

Start focusing on your back too while working out at the gym, since a powerful back can really offer a proper shape to your overall physique. Besides, there are plenty of reasons as to why you can work towards developing a stronger back. Your back is actually one such part of the body that you can try and show off, in case you have been able to build a back that is powerful and well-defined. Your back is the region that contains big muscle groups and it would be best to engage your back muscles at the gym that would also help you speed up your metabolism for sure.

Following are some of the exercises that you can try doing at the gym for in order to have a strong and muscular back:

1. Bent-Over Barbell Row:

Bent-Over Barbell Row
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This is one of the exercises that predominantly work on your back muscles, in addition to working a few more muscles as well. This exercise also helps add some size to your back, apart from helping strengthen it. The various muscles present in your back such as the lats, glutes, hamstrings, including a few more of them are also strengthened by performing this workout regularly.

Equipment Required:

• A Barbell

How to do this exercise?

• You can start off straight away by holding a barbell in your hands and also have an overhand grip, as the palms are kept facing down. Keep your feet at about shoulder-width apart.

• You must make sure to keep your back straight, while your knees are kept bent.

• Now, you must begin to pull the barbell to the top up to the mid-section of the body, while keeping the elbows tucked in and nearer to your body.

• You can stop for a few seconds, especially when you are at the top of the move with your back muscles kept pressed.

• You can now begin to gently lower the barbell back on to the starting position.

• You have completed one rep.

You can try and do about 2 sets comprising of 7-8 reps each per set in the beginning. After becoming comfortable with doing this exercise correctly and in proper form, you can increase the number of reps, which will also help you to strengthen your lower back as well.

2. Reverse-Grip Bent-Over Row:

Reverse-Grip Bent Over Row
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This is one of the strength exercises that targets the upper back muscles of individuals and helps in strengthening almost all of these muscles. The various back muscles such as your lat muscles, rhomboids, hamstrings and a few more are targeted as and when you perform this exercise regularly. By doing this exercise, you would be able to improve strength in the mid back area of your body.

Equipment Required:

• A Barbell

How to do this exercise?

• First, you have to get yourself into a standing position by keeping a barbell placed right in front of you. The feet must be kept at shoulder-width apart.

• You can now keep your knees bent and start holding on to the barbell firmly with your palms facing upwards.

• Start lifting the barbell a little in such a way that the arms remain fully extended.

• After breathing out, you can start lifting the barbell near your waist area with your arms, while keeping the elbows bent.

• You have to hold on to the same position for a few seconds, as the muscles are contracted in the process.

• Now, upon extending the arms, you can gently start lowering the barbell once again on to the starting position.

• You have completed one rep.

You can try and do about 2 sets comprising of 10 reps each per set.

3. Wide-Grip Upright Row:

Wide-Grip Upright Row
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This is one of the advanced exercises that helps individuals in developing some muscle strength in the upper back portion of their body, including helping them build their shoulder muscles too. It is also important for individuals to perform this exercise in proper form to protect themselves against any injury and also to achieve better results. Your traps as well as your middle delts are targeted while doing this exercise that also help you to increase the size of these muscles.

Equipment Required:

• A Barbell

How to do this exercise?

• You can start with this exercise by loading your barbell with some weights. Stand with your feet at about shoulder width apart.

• Hold on to the barbell using an overhand grip and keep your hands at a distance that is a little wider than shoulder width apart.

• You can grab the bar up by keeping your knees bent, while your back should be kept straight.

• Begin to raise the barbell up and bring it nearer to your body, by pulling the barbell at about the height of your chest.

• You can wait for a few seconds and subsequently start lowering the barbell gently back on to the starting position.

• You have completed one rep.

You must try to do at least 2-3 sets comprising of 8-10 reps each per set.

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