Your forearms are the muscles that you can start trying to improve today. It requires a lot of efforts and patience to focus and work your forearms. The forearms are one of those muscle groups that are spectacular, even if they are not added as part of your split training. Your forearms can be brought into a good shape by doing these below mentioned exercises as part of your daily workout routine.

By doing forearm exercises, the muscles present in the hands as well as wrists would be able to stretch better, apart from gaining enough strength. As you do exercises that help you strengthen your forearms, the grip strength is also improved considerably. By holding a strong grip, you are in a better position to lift or maybe carry any objects or items much easily. Apart from that, you gain a lot of strength as you do your workout that brings additional strength to your body as a whole.

1. Plate Curls:

Plate Curls
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This is an exercise that is done by using the plate curl. You would have to hold on to the end of the plate using the tips of your fingers that will engage the muscles in your forearm. Plate curls exercise works at various diverse levels and would also help you to strengthen your grip.

Equipment Required:

Plate Curl

How to do this exercise?

• Start by holding two plate curls jointly by keeping a pinch grip.

• Allow the arms to hang completely extended, right on to your front by keeping the plates right in front of your thighs.

• Pinch below harder to prevent the plates from moving and subsequently curl the plates to the top till they are right in front of your shoulder.

• Now, bring back the plates on to the starting position.

You can try and do about 3-4 sets of 5 reps each.

2. Plate Tosses:

Plate Tosses
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Plate Tosses is one of the exercises that can help you build huge and bulky forearms, besides helping you get an iron grip over your body. This is possible mainly because you are going to be getting your hands on to a solid and moving target out of the air. In this way, it would help you develop a strong grip over your body.

Equipment Required:

Bumper Plate

How to do this exercise?

• Start by grabbing a bumper plate at its end, right on to your front.

• After beginning at around waist height, start dropping the plate and move downwards in order to seize it by its end.

• Repeat once again using the same hand and try and do about 7-8 reps on one side.

• Similarly, you can switch over to the other side and do about 7-8 reps.

You can do 3 sets of 7-8 reps each.

3. Reverse Grip Dumbbell Preacher Curl:

Reverse Grip Dumbbell Preacher Curl
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This exercise is one of the basic moves as well as a strength exercise that works the forearm muscles. You can learn to do this exercise in the correct way possible, since this exercise targets your arms, including your forearms as well as the upper portion of your body.

Equipment Required:

• Dumbbells

How to do this exercise?

• Start by getting yourself seated on to a preacher bench and keep your upper arms leaning on to the padding. Now, start gripping one of the dumbbells on one side by using a reverse handle.

• Start raising the dumbbell slowly upwards on to your shoulders by squeezing in your forearms and continue to hold for a specific time period.

• Now, you can come back to your starting position.

Try and do as many reps and sets that you can as per your convenience.

4. One Arm Seated Dumbbell Wrist Curl:

One Arm Seated Dumbbell Wrist Curl
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This is one of the basic movements that you can perform for strengthening your forearms. It is also a strength exercise that works the muscles in your forearm. You would be able to benefit highly by doing this exercise in the correct way, as it has enough potential to target your arms, forearms and the upper portion of your body.

Equipment Required:

• Dumbbells

How to do this exercise?

• Start by getting seated right before a horizontal bench. By laying your forearms to rest on to the padding, you can hold on to a dumbbell in one side by keeping a neutral handle.

• Now, drop the dumbbell gradually at the bottom and under the bench as much as possible by keeping your forearms locked and stay in the same position for a specific number of seconds.

• Subsequently, you can return to the starting position.

You can do as many reps and sets as you desire.

5. Barbell Reverse Grip Curl:

Barbell Reverse Grip Curl
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This exercise helps you in working your forearm muscles and is one of the best basic moves that can be tried by anyone. This exercise can help you build big arms as a whole and by strengthening your forearms, you are able to increase your grip strength. Since you develop a better grip strength, you would be able to use additional weight in many other strength training exercises. Additionally, this exercise helps in strengthening the wrist joint, which can reduce the risk of wrist injuries.

Equipment Required:

• Barbell

How to do this exercise?

• Stand in an upright position by keeping your feet on to the floor that should be approximately shoulder width apart.

• Now, hold your back as well as neck straight and look for a spot on a wall, if you feel that it could really help you in giving a good posture.

• Take the barbell in your hand with a reverse grip in such a way that your palms are facing your body, while the fingers are directed downwards.

• Your arms are to be kept extended right on to your front, although they must be kept slightly in a bent position.

• Do not lock out at the elbows since it could cause injuries to you.

• After settling comfortably on to your starting position, you can start your movement by curling the barbell and bending the elbows.

• Start lifting the weight onto your chest till it falls in line with your shoulder.

• Your elbows must be kept tucked inside and the arms close to your body. In this way, you will be able to control the barbell as you lift the weight.

• Now, pause for a few seconds when you are at the peak of your movement.

• Bring the barbell back to the starting position by reversing the curl movement.

• You can repeat as much number of reps and sets as per your convenience.

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The information contained in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended as a health advice. We would ask you to consult a qualified professional or medical expert to gain additional knowledge before you choose to consume any product or perform any exercise.


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