Oh My Green, one of the leading providers of healthy food and well-being services for firms of various sizes, came out with an announcement recently that it has undergone a rebranding exercise by which it will be operating under the name garten. This decision has been taken by the Company, in order to align itself more appropriately with its nutrition heritage and strengthen its vision further to become a full-service wellbeing provider for companies. Moreover, garten has also been working towards sporting a new look and feel for the brand, including the new logo as well as taking up various initiatives for marketing that can help support the launch.

The idea of starting garten came up from the German garden that belonged to the founder Michael Heinrich’s grandmother. He had learnt the power of using food for nourishment as well as healing of the body and mind from that place.

The brand had been in development for more than a year and this rebranding had been a significant game-changer for the Company, which has now shifted to becoming a broader well-being service provider that keeps the focus on body, mind and the environment. As more and more companies are exploring longer-term onsite, including remote workplace options that have caused a huge shift in the workplace scenario, employers have been searching for solutions that can support all aspects of the well-being of their employees, whether it is on-site or offsite.

Michael Heinrich, the CEO and Founder of garten stated that garten’s vision was to bring a modern approach as far as overall well-being in the workplace was concerned. He further added that the rebranding has marked an important step in the evolution of the Company, by further mentioning that their focus on health was at the top of their mind than never before.

Over the last year, garten had been able to double its customer base, owing to partnerships made with companies that had been thinking on the same lines such as Google, Slack and Autodesk. These companies noticed that food that is made of high-quality followed by a holistic approach for the overall well-being would be critical in driving employee engagement. garten has been involved in obtaining the expertize of CDC, including State and Federal Agencies, as it has been firmly rooted in health and safety, which can help them work with companies that can enable them to re-enter the workplace safely and support their employees. By implementing strict safety and health measures, the team at garten has shown its commitment towards the protection of its employees and clients, in addition to going a step forward by protecting the families of these employees and clients.

Some of the services offered by garten that have undergone rebranding are garten Kitchen, garten Chef, garten Wellbeing and a few others.


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