Dance Studio

In an attempt to deliver a unique touch to a Dance Studio, Daisuke Motogi Design and Architecture (DDAA) designed Tokyo based ‘Avex artist academy Aoyama Studio’ by making detailed use of Gym Equipment.

In response to a challenging call for designing a new dance studio and training for their Client, Avex, DDAA taking into account high quality details deigned a new dance studio, blending gym and dance equipment.

Underneath the project, the architect squads of DDAA have precisely managed to develop unique way to store various essentials required by the dance studio.

Avoiding conventional cupboards and closets to hide away materials, they have used sculptural forms to store and display the important apparatus. A portion block consisting large exercise balls as a ‘Storage Wall’ along with gold color frames have been set in order to deliver eye–catching feature while separating one block to others.

Besides, a channel of gold metal frames adorns the ceiling of the dance studio which is used to hang suspension training equipment.

Comprising two dance studios, The Project also includes physical training, Voice training areas, recording and photo/film shooting studio, entrance halls and administration space.

The client required the entrance hall be designed in a way that can be be easily converted to an event space, as this function is often required. In response to this, DDAA developed furniture pieces that can be displayed when not being used for events. The concept is to create furniture that can also be sculptural objects. This method removes the necessity of transporting chairs back and forth into the space when events are set to take place.

The sofas used for hosting audiences are composed of pieces that can be disassembled when required or arranged in rows to provide seating. Black colored L-shaped sofas are also composed of smaller components that can be bundled together or disassembled and reconfigured for on-stage performances. Work spaces include worktops mounted on casters to make the tables easy to move around. DDAA has created a design based on the idea of ‘sculpturally storing,’ resulting in a very functional and contemporary dance studio space.


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