A recent study conducted by British researchers and presented at the European Nutrition Conference affirms the positive effects of intermittent fasting on both mood and energy levels. The research, carried out by experts from King’s College London, involved 37,545 participants, primarily women with an average age of 60 and an average body mass index (BMI) of 25.6.

The study suggests that one doesn’t need to follow strict dietary restrictions to experience the benefits of intermittent fasting. Participants were instructed to adopt a simple 10-hour eating window, followed by a 14-hour fasting period. This approach, which is relatively easy for most people to manage, led to significant improvements in mood, energy levels, and hunger.

Sarah Berry, who was a part of the team, said in a statement, “This study showcases the immense potential of intermittent fasting in enhancing one’s health in a practical, everyday setting.”

The transformative journey of the study participants was facilitated through the ZOE Health app. During the initial week, participants maintained their regular eating habits, after which they transitioned to a two-week period of restricting their food consumption to the specified 10-hour window. Throughout this period, participants diligently logged information about their eating window, energy levels, mood, and hunger on a daily basis.

The study’s findings suggest that intermittent fasting, even with a relatively modest approach, can yield noticeable benefits in terms of overall well-being, offering a practical and feasible strategy for individuals looking to enhance their mood and energy levels.


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