Triceps is a three-headed muscle of the arm that actually enables us to extend our forearms. It also plays an important part in determining the movements of the hands as well as the elbow joints.

You should start exercising your triceps in order to have a strong set of upper arms. The triceps are those muscles present at the back of the upper arm. Doing workout with our triceps can be highly beneficial, as you would only have to put in a little efforts to see good results pretty earlier than you may have imagined.

You would have to start doing the following triceps exercises only after doing a few mobility exercises in order to warm up your arms, which could be starting with stretching the chest for a few minutes, apart from also stretching your legs and arms for a few minutes. You could also try rotating the arms in the air for a few minutes. Subsequently, you could go for on the spot jogging for a few minutes before starting these exercises.

It would be best for you to try doing this workout by using the services of a skilled and trained professional or instructor. The trainer could help you perform these exercises properly as well as ensure that your posture is proper at the time of performing these exercises.

1. Close-grip push-ups:

Close-Grip Push Ups
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This is an excellent exercise that works to train your whole upper body. This is one of the modifications of the regular push-ups exercise that targets your chest, triceps and finally the shoulders. By doing this exercise, there is an improvement in your upper body strength, as it gives more prominence to your triceps. Besides, it also enhances the core strength as well as hip stability.

Equipment Required:

No equipment is required to be used to perform this exercise.

How to do this exercise?

• Start by lying on to your stomach.

• Place the hands on to the floor beneath your shoulders.

• Now, raise your body by extending your arms in order to get into the plank position.

• Start bending your arms slowly till your chest slightly touches the ground.

• Now, quickly push the chest upwards by extending the arms back once again.

• You have completed one rep.

You can try and do about 3 sets of 10 reps each.

2. Bench Dips:

Bench Dips
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If you have been trying to keep your arms stronger, you could try doing the bench dips exercise. This is a bodyweight exercise that primarily targets your triceps. Apart from that, it also hits the chest as well as the front shoulder muscle of your body.

Equipment Required:

A table or bench

How to do this exercise?

• Get onto a bench and hold on to the edge using both your hands.

• Start lifting your hips by bringing them two inches in front of the bench on to the edge. Try if possible to bring your feet a little forward and at the same time do not take your hips away from the edge of the bench.

• Try and adjust the position of your hands. Keep your arms extended completely, while your hands are kept shoulder-width apart.

• Your feet to be kept straight and planted firmly on to the ground.

• Start bending your elbows slowly in order to lower the upper body. Don’t touch the hips on to the floor.

• Now, raise yourself back upwards by using your triceps muscles. Keep your arms straightened.

• You have completed one rep.

Try and do about 3 sets comprising of 10 reps. If you find it tougher to perform the number of reps and sets as mentioned above, you may perform the reps and sets based on your comfort and ability.

3. Diamond Push-Ups:

Diamond Push-Ups
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Diamond Push-Ups is one of the exercises that works the triceps, chest, core, shoulders and back of your body. Your shoulders become stronger by doing this exercise, since it applies higher pressure on your shoulder joint that can even challenge your front delts and makes it ready for other variations of push-ups. While doing this exercise, make sure to keep your hips up and also try and keep your back straight.

Equipment Required:

No equipment is required to perform this exercise.

How to do this exercise?

• Start by lying down on your stomach by facing the floor.

• Put your arms beneath the chest by forming a diamond and joining the index fingers as well as thumbs of the hands.

• Push downwards by using your hands in order to straighten the arms and get on to a plank position. Your knees and elbows must not be kept locked.

• Now, go down a little gradually by bending your elbows, till the chest slightly touches the ground.

• Start pushing your chest slowly upwards by extending your elbows.

• You have completed one rep.

Try and repeat this exercise as many times as you are able to as per your convenience and capacity.

4. Standing Triceps Extension:

Standing Triceps Extension
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This is one of the easy as well as effective low-intensity exercises that target the long head of the triceps. Individuals who are looking to build strength in their upper arms can try doing this exercise. The triceps muscle is an important part, since it plays a major role in helping you develop your upper body strength as a whole.

Equipment Required:

• Dumbbell

How to do this exercise?

• Grab the dumbbell onto your hands by keeping your palms facing each other.

• Lift your arms in order to bring the dumbbell directly on top of your head. Try and maintain less than shoulder-width distance in between your elbows. Try and ensure to keep your shoulders in a relaxed position. Keep your arms nearer to your ears.

• Start bending the elbows in order to lower the weight at the back of your head, until it reaches the upper back portion of your body. Stop for a few seconds.

• Start by pulling the weight to the top again and then go back to your starting position by keeping your arms extended.

• You have completed one rep.

You can try and do about 2 or 3 sets of 10 reps each.

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The information contained in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended as a health advice. We would ask you to consult a qualified professional or medical expert to gain additional knowledge before you choose to consume any product or perform any exercise.


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