Fireball is revolutionizing the golfing experience with its innovative Fireball Fire Iron, a clever twist on the traditional 5 iron. This unique club doubles as a dispenser for five 50ml shooters, adding a fun and spirited element to the game. Instead of shouting ‘fore!’ as a warning, golfers can now do so to celebrate the fiery shots they enjoy on the course. The Fire Iron is designed to look like a regular club, blending seamlessly into a golf bag while offering a playful antidote to the sometimes monotonous nature of the sport, catering to scratch golfers, hackers, and everyone in between.

In a move set to rattle the very foundation of golf’s traditional decorum, Fireball is challenging golfers to abandon the hushed tones, polite claps, and strict rules often associated with the game in favor of a lively round fueled by the fiery spirit of rebellion. That’s where the Fire Iron comes into play – literally!

“Golf is a game about shots – taking them, making them and everything in between. So, as the world’s #1 shot brand we thought we were in a unique position to caddie the game forward and towards a bit more unexpected fun on the course,” stated Danny Suich, Global Brand Director for Fireball. “We know our fans already enjoy celebrating – or mourning – their performance on the green with a birdie shot, but it can be hard to get our sweet cinnamon delight onto the course. With the Fire Iron golfers everywhere can play with fire and come out on top – regardless of what your scorecard says.”

The Fire Iron allows golfers to enjoy a slice of fun and boasts a variety of par-tee friendly features:

  • Smoking hot design elements, like Fireball’s signature dragon on the club’s face.
  • Classy and functional features that add a touch of style and distinction on the course, including a sleek shaft and grip in Fireball’s iconic red shade.
  • While not designed to be a playable club, the Fire Iron is guaranteed to be the perfect addition to your golf bag with cleverly concealed birdie shot compartments to securely attach 50ml shooters and spark some mid-game shenanigans.

The Fireball Fire Iron goes on sale Friday, June 7 at 10:00 am EST for $24.99 at Supplies are limited with no guarantee of a mulligan, so get one before they are gone.

In 2023, Fireball declared that there was a “new Ball in golf” with the launch of its red jackets and the brand is making good on that promise year after year. Visit to learn more about what Fireball has in store for golfers, and stay up to date on all things Fireball by following @FireballWhisky on Instagram and Facebook.

Golf club not designed to be used as sporting equipment.


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