Auctioneer is the one who makes auction beautiful.

IPL Mega auction 2022 has hit on the floors, there has been lot of uproar about the plans of different team management how they are picking their brigade but there remains someone pivotal for this IPL mega auction being held every year.

That designation is of Auctioneer, yes auctioneer, one who takes bid of different teams and proposes whether a play is owned by team or not! He rings the bell to announce who owns what!

In mid of IPL mega auction , a previous auctioneer Richard Madley has raised some voices. He told media that he was not given a reason why he was removed? He still awaits a reply from IPL authorities.

Richard Madley also added that he then got to know that Hugh Edmeades has been appointed as the new auctioneer and no explanation was given to him. Adding that he has never put a foot wrong, Madley said that he does not know why he is not the auctioneer anymore.

“The next thing I got to know was that Mr. Hugh Edmeades has been appointed the IPL Auctioneer. There was no explanation given to me. There were no thanks for my long service. As far as I know, I never put any foot wrong. This is the great unknown question in the history of IPL why Mr. Madley is no longer the auctioneer,” added Madley.

Madley also revealed that he has had no communication with the BCCI since, and concluded by stating that he has a lot of good memories from the IPL.

“I have had no communication with the BCCI in the last 4 years but my phone is ready for every communication. I have only good memories of the IPL. I have only made friends there. Never say never,” concluded Madley.

Talking about IPL mega auction 2022, Mr. Hugh Edmeades head auctioneer for the event fell down and stumbled down the podium while auctioning. Doctor has said this happened probably due to postural hypotension. The auction was stopped for a while when it happened.

With Edmeades needing some much-needed rest in these heated auctions, presenter Charu Sharma will take over once the auction resumes.

“Charu has arrived as backup plan and will conduct the rest of the auction,” a BCCI source said. Sharma was the CEO of the Royal Challengers Bangalore during the IPL’s first season.


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