There are quite a few full-body exercises that you must have heard of earlier such as squats, push-ups, burpees, lunges, running and cycling, etc. On many occasions, some of you may even want to work on your muscles within the shortest possible time. Crab Walk is one such solid exercise that can help work on the upper body of an individual as well as provide enough strength to the legs. These exercises can also strengthen the arms and shoulders of an individual. You must try to work on a minimum of 3-4 sets that may last for about half a minute each.

Few ways to perform a Crab Walk:

  1. While sitting on the floor, you must place your feet a little apart. The knees must be kept bent in front of you.
  2. You must keep your hips up, while also tightening your core and try to balance the whole body on your hands as well as feet.
  3. You should move forward keeping both the left hand and right foot in motion at the same time. Similarly, perform the move using your right hand and left foot.
  4. Start walking to one end of your room and once again return to the same area from where you started walking. While doing so, your buttocks must not touch the floor. This shall be continued for about half a minute in order to complete a single set.

You could try to get a few warm-up exercises done before you begin the Crab Walk. You can start to move forwards and backwards at the speed that you feel comfortable with, by balancing out the strides of both the hands and feet equally.

Some individuals may face difficulties such as experiencing shaking of their limbs after performing two or three sets of exercise, since they may not be used to bodyweight training. There is no reason to panic in such cases, as it is just normal for them to experience such pain.

There is a higher probability of workouts becoming intense, leading to most muscle groups in your body being attacked, especially in cases where you have tightened your core as well as placed your hips at a higher position. At the same time, you must work at a pace that would suit your movements as well as co-ordination.

Crab Walk is an excellent calorie-burning exercise that you can add to your list of training programs. In addition to that, it also contains some variations. However, by just performing the basic level of exercise, you can burn enough calories. Upon having mastered the art of performing this exercise at the basic level, you can try other novel methods. Moreover, this exercise can be performed in just about any place that a person feels comfortable with, both indoors and outdoors.

It is a good option to seek the assistance of a trainer when you are making an attempt for the first time, especially if you are not confident or are worried about your movements being affected while performing such exercises or in case you have earlier experienced any form of pain on your shoulders.

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