Ever since COVID-19 pandemic struck most parts of the world, the businesses of health and fitness such as gyms and fitness centers have taken a severe beating, causing a temporary setback to the revenues of these businesses.

With restrictions being eased across almost all parts of India as part of the Government of India’s new set of guidelines during the stage of Unlock 3.0 since 05th August 2020, the reopening of health and fitness centers such as yoga centers and gyms has been allowed in areas that have not been labeled as containment zones. As COVID-19 infections have touched a new high in India placing it among the top five nations with confirmed cases being reported across the country causing a worrying trend, it has kept many thinking about whether visiting the nearest gym would be ideal, even if gyms do reopen.

It has always been necessary for us to remain physically active, since it is integral to our health and well-being. Individuals have always been encouraged to perform exercises on a daily basis for at least thirty minutes every day by health and medical experts to remain healthy.

Although COVID-19 pandemic had caused disruption to lives of individuals, due to imposition of lockdowns and forcing individuals to sit back at their homes leaving them with the only choice of performing exercises and workouts from home, performing at gyms and fitness centers continue to be favoured by many individuals, as it has provided many individuals with a sense of belonging, apart from receiving personalized instructions and adequate support.

The imposition of lockdown had brought with it a new variety of options to stay fit, as many individuals had jumped onto fitness apps and videos for learning and continuing with their exercise and fitness regimen.

Although, some benefits have accrued for families as a result of individuals shifting to work outs from their homes, thereby helping them bond and share valuable time together, many individuals who have been regularly hitting the gyms on a daily basis for years have felt lost, due to many reasons ranging from motivation and support that these places have always offered to them getting lost.

Moreover, with months passing by without any clear picture as to how things would be shaping up, individuals are feeling the need to visit the gyms and fitness centers as quickly as possible.

Some points are suggested for the benefit of those who are desperate to work out at gyms and fitness centers. Although workouts at home are suggested as the best option available, those who are keen to make it to gyms are recommended to stay alert and follow certain precautionary steps such as communicating and enquiring with each of their gym trainers about the steps taken by such gyms and fitness centers for their maintenance as well as whether necessary precautions have been taken to ensure the safety of consumers visiting their gyms and fitness centers.

It is also important to know whether all the staff and members would be subject to a temperature check at the time of entry, including the methods that will be adopted by these gyms and fitness centers to maintain social distancing among those who attend gyms, availability of disinfection equipment which will have to be used regularly, including steps taken by them to minimize crowds.

This can enable individuals to take informed decisions as to whether they can visit or avoid such places until the situation becomes better. Secondly, there is a necessity to understand if there is enough ventilation provided by such places, since low ventilation levels could attract various forms of bacteria and virus inside these places. Thirdly, it is of utmost importance to maintain social distancing and avoid visiting during rush hours. Fourthly, every person must carry their own masks, towels, sanitizers, etc. at all times in order to minimize their risk of getting contracted. Fifthly, it is important to disinfect all equipment that will be most likely used by all members every time before use. Finally, it is necessary to make sure that no individual is sick, as this could lead to transmission of infections at a faster rate, apart from ensuring that the area where an individual resides is not a containment zone where higher number of individuals are infected, as there is a remote possibility of individuals who are not showing any symptoms could also become a carrier of the virus.

All these measures are required to be followed with utmost care and precaution, till a suitable cure is made available for the disease.

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The information contained in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended as a health advice. We would ask you to consult a qualified professional or medical expert to gain additional knowledge before you choose to consume any product or perform any exercise.


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