Chopra Global, a modern healthcare Company had made the announcement recently about its new launch being a subscription-based mobile app that would feature the world’s biggest comprehensive library of self-care guidance from major pioneers associated with health and well-being.

Chopra Global has been one of the leaders in health and wellness for two decades. Dr. Deepak Chopra has been practicing in the field of integrative medicine, consciousness and meditation. His global signature programs is believed to improve the well-being in individuals as a whole by keeping the focus on physical, mental and spiritual health.

The Chopra Meditation & Well-being app offers a very simple guidance in meditation and self-care for the body, mind and spirit, apart from Ayurveda tools which is a trusted system of healing for more than 5000 years to realize health as a whole. It is initially being made available on iOS. The content present in this app is huge, which also features several hundreds of meditations and practices by following an integrative approach in order to create and sustain healthier lives. Moreover, higher stress is laid on energy, mood management, sleep, stress, relationships, purpose and growth.

This app is the latest that is being added to Chopra Global’s Omni-channel portfolio. It contains at least 2000 articles on health, besides self-care practices as well as meditations, master classes, teacher certifications, live events and few others.

Dr. Chopra stated that the purpose of Chopra Global’s new app, including the whole platform is to offer guidance that is personalized to each individual and to help such individuals who are in need of healing and growth by contributing to their well-being.

Individuals can download the Chopra Meditation and Well-being App that is currently available only on iOS as of today and the annual subscription charges of USD 69.99 would become payable by users for using this app.

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