BodyKore, a leader fitness equipment manufacturer, has teamed up with Booty by Barbells to introduce a cutting-edge group training experience at its new facility in Oceanside, California. This partnership features the installation of 11 advanced Universal Trainer machines, allowing each participant, including the trainer, to have their own workout station for simultaneous training. The weekly classes are designed to target specific goals such as hypertrophy, power, mobility, stability, or full-body conditioning, ensuring comprehensive workouts that enhance strength, muscle building, fat burning, and overall health. This innovative training concept underscores the commitment of both BodyKore and Booty by Barbells to providing top-tier fitness solutions.

“We are genuinely excited about this partnership with Booty by Barbells,” stated Leo Chang, co-founder and CEO of BodyKore. “By integrating our Universal Trainers into their classes, Booty by Barbells is setting a new standard in group training, offering personalized and effective workouts that cater to a wide range of fitness goals. We look forward to seeing the incredible results and transformations that will come from this collaboration.”

Why the Universal Trainer?

BodyKore’s Universal Trainer is an all-in-one machine capable of over 100 exercises, including seated lat pull-downs, Smith-machine chest presses, rows, squats, cable workouts, compound exercises, and calisthenics like pull-ups and dips. It features easy adjustability for users of all fitness levels, a variety of attachments, and a space-saving design. Additionally, it is backed by BodyKore’s lifetime warranty on the frame and a five-year warranty on parts.

Booty by Barbells’ founder and CEO Ronnie Conant, a seasoned personal trainer who is passionate about helping women achieve their health and fitness goals, opened his first Booty by Barbells in San Diego in 2020. After utilizing BodyKore’s equipment and expertise at his original location, he developed a new vision for his Oceanside gym featuring the Universal Trainer as the cornerstone equipment for group fitness classes.

“I was looking for a way to bring a high-end touch to my personal training group classes, and the Universal Trainer allowed me to do that,” stated Conant. “I like the Universal Trainer for the quality of the machine, the variety of equipment and exercises it offers, and the attachments you can include with it.”

Each of the 11 Universal Trainer stations at Booty by Barbells in Oceanside comes equipped with jammer arms, leg extensions, hamstring curls, landmines, Smith machines (which can be used for a variety of exercises including lunges), and cables. Each station will also feature BodyKore’s latest addition, the Squat Box Gym Kit (perfect for shaping glutes), adjustable benches, weight racks with 5- to 50-pound dumbbells and more.

Building Better Gyms with 3D Projections:

BodyKore’s custom 3D Gym Design Service enables home or commercial gym owners to transform their spaces into the best possible fitness environments. By offering tailored customization, realistic 3D visualizations, equipment installation, and expert guidance at every step, BodyKore ensures that each gym meets unique aesthetic and functional needs. This service, which highlights BodyKore’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, is one Conant happily raves about.

“Leo and his team at BodyKore have been incredible, assisting with everything from mapping out the gym layout to setting up the Universal Trainer machines,” Conant stated. “Without their support, none of this would have been possible. I highly recommend BodyKore to anyone looking for a top-notch equipment setup in their home or commercial gym.”

Need Help Creating Your Own Fitness Space?

If you need guidance on constructing the perfect home or commercial gym, reach out to BodyKore today. To learn more about BodyKore and its wide array of top-quality fitness equipment, visit


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