LimitlessX, the Lifestyle Agency behind DIVATRIM that is creative as well as empowering had made an announcement that former WWE Superstar, Barbie Blank who is also a television personality would serve as the national spokesperson for optimal performance, including nutrition line.

DIVATRIM is designed particularly for women and their products are also considered to be powerful, in addition to being a proven high-quality line of products. DIVATRIM’s products primarily contain highly essential supplements which helps to provide nourishment and support to the body at each stage of health and fitness journey of women.

The “Super Woman” campaign has been launched by Barbie, with DIVATRIM simultaneously releasing its vegan superfood protein blend, Super Woman.

The Founder and CEO of LimitlessX Jas Mathur stated that Barbie embodied the true meaning of a Super Woman, apart from being unapologetically strong and beautiful. He further stated that DIVATRIM was created mainly to meet the nutritional needs of women, including help improve their health as a whole during each stage of their journey.

Barbie Blank stated that she was extremely excited to be a part of DIVATRIM team. She further added that she had been hitting the gym every single day and that she has a packed schedule. Therefore, she feels that it is absolutely essential that a product that can support and replenish her body, in addition to improving the immune system must be available with her.

Super Woman protein blend is one of the vegan superfood supplement of DIVATRIM which provides clean nutrition, apart from providing many other benefits such as improvement in recovery of muscles, turbocharging of a person’s metabolism and lastly boosting the immunity levels in a person. The purpose of creating Super Woman was to ensure that a person was always left with a vegan option that can provide the necessary energy as well as strength that individuals demand in their lives.

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